Insurance, yah, I got it…

27 Sep

Wow…that's really all I can say.  The reason it took us so long to get this whole medical sucking at pregnancy thing started is because I didn't have insurance.  We're stuck with a huge…I mean too huge to ever pay entirely, medical bill from Jackson, last thing we wanted to do was add to that.  Well, I finally got insurance!  With the help of my college I am an insured person.  This is a good thing because I got my first “bill” in from the hospital for the first round of blood work.  I say "bill" because it says at the top that it's not a request for payment, but only what they've sent the insurance company.  Boy will the insurance company be happy to get that bill in.  I can see the person now "hey Sam, glad we insured this one, three weeks after her start date we get a huge ass bill for blood work".  They are going to be sorry they have an open enrollment let me tell ya!


So, here it is in its entirety:


CBC – $48.50
Coombs – $78.50
Type – $48.00
Pregnancy test – $193.50
RH Antibody Titer – $110.50
Lipid panel – $199.50
Venipuncture – $7.00
Anticardiolipen antibody – $130.00
Lupus anticoagulant – $1,199.00
Metabolic panel – $72.00
Enzymatic digestion – $53.50
Separation by gel – $53.50
Interpretation and report – $53.50
MTHFR, DNA – $172.50
Pharmacy (that's my Rhogam) – $701.50
TOTAL : $3,121.00


Let me just say this;


Blood work from one hospital – $3,121
Time it's taken to get someone to listen – 3+ years
Finding out something is wrong but fixable – PRICELESS!

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3 Responses to “Insurance, yah, I got it…”

  1. Yvette Ivy September 27, 2006 at 5:07 pm #

    Atta girl! Stick it to The Man! Woohoo!

  2. hydrogeek September 28, 2006 at 9:36 am #

    Wrong but fixable. Beautiful phrase. Kinda sums us both up, I'd say.

  3. Mom On The Run September 29, 2006 at 7:51 pm #

    That's great that it's as you say fixable. I really hope you never have to experience a loss again.

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