30 Oct

I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for!  I may not talk to each of them every day, and I may only see some of them a few times a year, but we are always there for each other.


There's this one friend we'll call Jennifer (since that's her name and all!).  Jennifer and I grew up together.  We met in the 7th grade, I think, and we were fighting over a boy.  Funny 'cause I don't remember specifics like Jennifer does, but I do know that the boy is no longer a discussion and I have a best friend.  We've been through a lot together; aforementioned boy(s), sneaking out, getting caught after sneaking out, school, fights and moving.  We swore when I moved a state away that it would not change our friendship, although it did, it wasn't the END of the friendship.  We grew up, lost touch for a few years (the fault of yours truly) and met up again after our weddings and my first few babies.  Luckily I was able to be close by for her first daughter, just 6 months after Kenna.  And I bugged the hell out of her during the birth of her second daughter.  When Jackson was born she knew that I was in the hospital.  Since that day was so shitty, I was in la-la land due to drugs and my mental state, I don't remember specifics on who called whom…I cannot remember if I called her and told her, if I had my sister call and tell her or what exactly, all I do remember is telling her not to worry that Jackson was gone but I was just going in for a "routine c-section".  Being the shitty ass person I am; I forgot to tell Sean or my mother to call Fritter after my surgery to let her know I was ok.  The poor girl, my best friend, had to find out by calling the hospital to talk to me and she gets transferred to the ICU nurse's station.  It was just luck that it was visiting hours and my mom was just walking by the station and was told that I had a phone call…my mom had to fill Fritter in on everything.  I felt like an ass.


Well, lo and behold I felt like an ass again just a few weeks ago.  Jennifer found out about the baby factory and my doctor's visit via the blog and mass emails that I sent out.  And she did the nicest thing a friend could do…she was grateful I have another friend to talk to (Vette).  Even though Jennifer said it wasn't her that I talked to, at least I had someone that I could and did scream/yell/cry at.  WOW!  How selfless is she?! 


Jennifer's gotten "soft" in her "old-age".  I say this while I'm laughing my ass off, by the way.  I was always the friend who cried at everything, was a hug-gy type of person and who wore her emotions on her sleeve.  I'm not sure if having kids has softened her up, but she hugs me now, she cried with me at my step-dad's funeral and I KNOW she would have screamed and cried with me if I would have called her that shitty Monday a few weeks ago.


So, to all my friends, THANK YOU!  And specifically for you, Jennifer, I truly am sorry for not calling you that day or every other day that I needed you.  You are very important in my life, for which I am grateful.  I cannot imagine life without you, nor would I want to honestly!  I mean, come on…who would watch my kid, clean up poo as it had become play dough, then laugh and keep her again the next night?!  I love you and thank you for everything!


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