“Mommy, I can’t get the gum out”

14 Nov


Never the words a parent wants to hear really.  First you worry “where IS the gum”, second comes “oh, shit is it somewhere I can get it out easily without permanent damage”, then finally comes “why the hell did you put gum… (there)”.  So was our afternoon…I heard that little sentence coming from my daughter as I sat on the computer.  Yes, I feel guilty for doing homework and adding more items to our online scrapbook store (www.WhatsScrappening.com), but this post isn’t about what I was doing…



Back to Kenna…she’s holding her hair (a wad of it actually) and looks scared shitless of what I will do or say to her when I realize she’s speaking of the gum stuck in her beautiful locks.  I yell something like “you put gum WHERE?!” and she runs from me realizing that she was scared for a good reason.  After I calm both of us down and tell her that “no it’s not cool to put the sticky mass in her”, “yes it may hurt when I try to get some of it out” and “no you cannot ever have gum again”, I assess the damage.  Behind her cute little pierced left ear is the wintergreen goodness that is stuck in her newly washed mane.  I grab a piece of ice (I’ve heard this is what good parents do, maybe I’ll try that) while Kenna is still crying and sobbing saying that she “just wanted to put the gum there”.  Ice…strike one.  Hmmm…Google, Google is good, what do the Google Gods tell us to do in this situation?  I decide to run back to my computer to find out exactly what those good parents do, so we walk briskly to the ‘puter room with me holding the sticky hair, Kenna sobbing and I sit at the computer.  Google tell us to peanut butter it…all I have is crunchy pb, but let’s try it.  I slather that in there and rub.  Peanut Butter…strike two.  Let’s try washing the hair again, whatever Google says we try.  Washing again…strike three.  Then Google comes up with the ultimate solution…scissors.  Scissors…homerun!



Luckily, if my daughter were to choose where she would stick the gum, she chose the right place.  She stuck the Dentyne Ice Wintergreen Whitening gum behind her ear and under the rest of her hair…you cannot even tell that I had to slice off many strands of her hair!  That’s good too, ‘cause we have NaNa’s wedding coming up next week!


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3 Responses to ““Mommy, I can’t get the gum out””

  1. hydrogeek November 15, 2006 at 10:47 am #

    My little brother got gum in my hair when I was about 6 or 8. Mom spent ALL DAY getting it out because she didn't want to cut my hair. I still remember that spot on my head being sore from all the pulling. I say the cutting is a good call!

  2. dream November 15, 2006 at 3:34 pm #


  3. Yvette Ivy February 17, 2007 at 11:24 am #

    Walker says: "F—ing people will put anything on the internet."
    You know Walker.
    I'm Laughing My A– Off.

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