Two down, one to go!

14 Dec

Well, two finals are done, one more to go, and it's the one I dread the most!  Microeconomics has never been a strong subject, hell I HATED it's predecessor Macroecon just as bad.  It's an on-line class and maybe I shouldn't have taken it that way, but oh well…semester is done, almost!


I've registered for next semester.  I'm stupid…I really must be!  Either that or I'm on crack, and I'm too fat to be on crack, so must be stupid!  18 hours…18 crazy, long-ass, extremely hard hours!  Here's the plan…ready for it:

Business Finance

Principles of Operations and Production Management

Organizational Theory and Human Behavior

Intermediate Accounting I

Cost Managerial Accounting

Business Law for Accountants

Yeah, can you tell I'm an Accounting major?!


On the "business" side of things, thanks to my loyal Vox readers, our store has had plenty of hits…well, not plenty, but a good amount…now we just need you people to buy stuff! I mean, it is a business.  So, to help you decide to buy stuff, use this code, which is DyNoMite; you'll get 18% off that way.  Why 18%…why not!?  We're not your typical store!  We also have some really pretty Gift Certificates that you can order, we can send those via email or snail mail in time for Christmas!  Sorry but discount codes don't work for gift certs!  Or we have wish lists that YOU can fill out and give to your gifter so they know exactly what you want…cool huh?!  So, please, run on over to and see what we have for you! 🙂


On another note…my friend here had her baby! :)  I think, if I remember right (I've had finals people!) she had her little girl on Monday. I don't know too many specifics other than mommy and baby are doing WONDERFUL…even after 36-ish hours of labor and no epidural!  That poor woman!  And my other friend here doesn't have a net connection yet…her modem got fried last month and hasn't gotten it fixed yet…she's been busy THAT poor woman had 2 of her 3 kids' tonsils out!  THE SAME DAY!  (I call her stupid!…ok I don't, but boy I thought it…)  So, that's about it! 


P.S…buy stuff at the store already! LOL



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2 Responses to “Two down, one to go!”

  1. dream December 14, 2006 at 11:58 am #

    Good luck for your last final! You're going to have a busy semester next year.

  2. hydrogeek January 19, 2007 at 3:35 pm #

    Awww, I got some linky love! Good luck on this next semester, it looks a lot like my last couple at Tarleton. If I did it, you can too!

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