Man am I in deep shit!

21 Dec




Well, my daughter, being only 4, still believes in Santa. So…she wrote a really adorable letter to Santa and has only been talking about a Baby Alive since then.  Now, this was a few weeks ago and stupid me didn't realize what type of item this Baby Alive thing was.  I had no clue that it was the must have item for Christmas.  I had thought about not getting one for her is why I didn't get one weeks ago.  I can just imagine the mess, me having to change diapers on the doll all the time (because she can't figure it out yet), etc.  All she talked about was this Baby Alive so I finally caved and told Sean that we should, hell she thinks Santa is making one and bringing it with him.  But damn…no where, and I mean NO WHERE in San Antonio is there a Baby Alive doll now!  I could go to Ebay and buy one for double what I could have gotten it for earlier this month! And if I do cave and buy on on there, I'll have to pay a gazzillion dollars just to get it here by Christmas. 


I suck as a mother…I'm so screwed!  Kenna will open presents on Monday and wonder why Santa didn't bring her her Baby Alive that she asked for…I feel like crap!


* Update!  Guess what I found?!  You got it! I got a Baby Alive today…it was the last one there and it was hidden under so much shit I'm surprised I found it.  Kenna was with me so I had to cover her eyes and hide it under my stuff from Walmart, then at the check-out I covered her eyes again but there was an awesome woman behind me and I had an awesome cashier who scanned it and put it in three bags then under the buggie with MORE bags covering it!  I almost cried when I saw it! Whooo hooooo!

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One Response to “Man am I in deep shit!”

  1. Yvette Ivy February 17, 2007 at 11:40 am #

    Once upon a time there was a mother who went to every Target in the D/FW metroplex to find a GREEN Mystic Force Power Ranger that morphs from a human looking thing to a dragon/bird looking thing. I finally found one. In Weatherford, 45 minutes from my home. At 11:00 PM on Christmas Eve.
    Who said there's no Santa?

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