Happy Easter!

6 Apr

I want to wish everyone who celebrates Easter, a Hoppy Easter!  I also wanted to show off a collage I made of pics I took today of my daughter.  She was excited to take pics, which is quite surprising, but then I asked very strange things of her…i.e. "do whatever", "don't pose", "don't smile", "well, don't look like your mad though", etc.  She had alot of fun and I think I got a few good shots.  I'm by no means a pro, nor do I have the best camera (I am, however, drooling over a Digi SLR, but unwilling (and unable) to pay the thousands they are asking for it!). So, here are the best shots, wishing EVERYONE a Happy Spring!


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One Response to “Happy Easter!”

  1. LC April 16, 2007 at 11:04 am #

    I love those pictures !!!! Your daughter is SO pretty !!!!I don't have a super expensive camera either … although I would like one. But like you, I can't afford to shell out the thousands it would take to get a good one. And really … I wouldn't know what to do with it if I did get one anyway. So … oh well.Your pictures look really really good though. And I love the collage thing you made. So talented !!!!

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