The straw dun broke that camel already!

14 Aug

I feel bad for whining…I do enough of it really and I have so much to be thankful for, but I'm past the one piece of straw, I'm now going on a bale of frickin' hay!

Lemme get you up to speed.  My ankle has been hurting to 2 1/2 years now.  Stupidly enough, I did it while squatting down to go pee in the toilet.  This god awful pop and searing pain made me forget that I had to pee and the swelling was immediate.  I didn't have insurance for many years so I never did anything with it, the ankle that is.  I lived with the pain and swelling; my husband lived with massaging my ankle almost nightly as I moaned through the pain.  I finally got insurance and decided I would tell my family practitioner about the pain that wouldn't go away.  He, of course, bitched at me because I took almost a year to tell him about the issue.

So, let's fast forward.  I saw a specialist who is apparently on crack; we'll call him Dr. Crack.  Sadly, this dude is the orthopedic doc for lots of schools in this area and a pro sports team.  I thought for sure he'd know what to do with me.  Instead, he sends me for an MRI (which of course shows nothing) and shoots me up with cortisone in the ankle.  One week later, I was still semi-swollen and in severe pain.  So, Dr. Crack decides to change my ankle brace into one that I can move around in.  Then proceeds to tell me it's my back.  This is the part that I'm positive he's saving the good drugs for himself.  I had to have looked at him like he had four heads, one of which was spouting green goo from everywhere.  Oh and I got another shot of cortisone (which, btw, has numbed three and 1/2 of my toes for 1 wk now, but made the ankle pain worse!) and a pat on the back.

I walked out of Dr. Cracks' office pissed off, crying and in more pain than I was in BEFORE I went to get fixed.  I decided at that moment to see another doc for a 2nd opinion.  I got in quickly to a new place.  After driving all over my city I finally get to the new place, fill out the eight pounds of new patient paperwork and sat for about 30 minutes for my name to be called from the doorway.  Lo and behold my name was called and I quickly gathered myself, child and purse and hobbled to the lady who called for me.  She won't even look at me in the eye and proceeds to tell me the doctor won't see me today.  We’ll call this doc, Dr. Dickhead.  Something about my films not being there…blah blah blah.  Let the cursing begin! I'm fairly certain after hearing what came out of my mouth; most of the patients in the waiting room will have to go to confessional or their cardiologists.  I’m also fairly certain that I’m not allowed back into that office again.

That was the straw, right then.  I’m pissed, I’m livid, I’m in pain and no one listens to what the problem is.  Thankfully I called my family practitioner and he has hooked me up with another doctor.  I’ll see him this week, the day my insurance expires.  I’m ready to be listened to and taken seriously.  Hopefully we can call this doctor, Dr. Savior!  I sure need him to be, my ankle looks worse than ever and I'm pretty much crying each night…oh what fun!


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7 Responses to “The straw dun broke that camel already!”

  1. SweetMisery August 14, 2007 at 12:22 am #

    Good grief that is horrible. You got to get their attention some times. Trust me I know several ICU nurses cringe when they here my name. Don't take no shit. Make them explain and if they don't know tell you. Sorry for ranting on your wine. The medical profession as a whole are on my do do list. lol(((Hugs)))

  2. hydrogeek August 14, 2007 at 8:34 am #

    That sounds horrible. I hope this new doctor DOES something. What the hell is the deal with expiring insurance? That sucks donkey balls too!

  3. MelPate August 14, 2007 at 9:07 am #

    I only had it for one year while I was at TAMUK, hopefully I'll start a job soon and get it again!

  4. teendoc August 16, 2007 at 1:13 pm #

    Here's what you do. You ask your regular doctor to order a CBC with diff, ESR and CRP. This will help determine whether the issue is orthopedic or rheumatologic. You see the next orthopod and be very clear that injections and NSAIDs (Aleve, Advil) have not been helpful. And, since the injury occurred a year ago and was not treated at that time, we might have a more difficult problem than typically seen with an acute injury.
    If the labs are normal and the orthopod has nothing to offer, you should go a see a physiatrist (Physical medicine and rehabilitation). If the labs are abnormal, you should see a rheumatologist.
    In the meanwhile, get a neoprene brace and wear it as often as you can, especially while standing.
    That's all I got! Hope it helps.

  5. MelPate August 16, 2007 at 3:07 pm #

    Damn girl, you rock! LOL…although I did get some news today. The new doc looked at my MRI and saw the problem right off the bat, it's just the 1st doc didn't ask about it. I've got tons of scar tissue (from a previous 3rd degree sprain) and some ligament is all stretched out. He's gonna go in on Monday or Tuesday and clean it all out and tighten it up. But you know, he did ask if I've ever been tested for arthritis and said that if I don't have it now I probably will very soon, especially with all these joint injuries.
    Thank you so much for your advise, I think you're right on! LOL

  6. teendoc August 16, 2007 at 9:17 pm #

    I'm glad you got a much better diagnosis from this doc! And it is good to see that I haven't lost my medical "chops" so to speak. 🙂 Good luck on the procedure.

  7. michelle May 15, 2008 at 10:04 am #

    I know all about fucked up doctors I have m.s and it took me 12 years to finally find a good one when your in pain they don't care cause they take all the good shit for themselfs!! I hope your doing better I know all about pain and I'm so sorry you have gone through all you have!!

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