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29 Sep


Well, today was my P&C general lines agent exam.  And lemme just say, that thing was a bitch!  I had to take a class during work this week and took the test today at noon.  After 150 questions and 1 hr and 6 minutes I got my results…a 74%!  Wooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo!  I had to make at least a 70%, I've never been so damned happy to make a 'C' in my life!  Now I just have to wait for the state of Texas to approve my application and I'll be licensed!
On another note…my ankles, because apparently my ankles have become my life.  My left one (the sprain) is horrible.  It hurts so badly and is more swollen than ever before.  My toes are even numb…I have a horrible suspicion that I'll have surgery on that one soon.  My right one, the surgery one, is doing great…it doesn't hurt.  My calf is really hurting but I think it may be because I'm using that leg more than I should to compensate the shitty left leg.  Also, two of my toes (my pinky and the one next to it) on the surgery leg are bruised…it looks freaky.  I have an appt next week so we'll see what the doc says.
Kenna is doing so good in school.  She's learning how to spell things, count even higher and starting to learn to read.  She's also getting very tall.  She was getting in trouble for talking during class, but we talked about that and she's been doing great.  Hearing all she does in school makes me laugh…OH and we have a loose tooth.  It's not very loose at all, but hey it's a wiggle and a start.
Sean's Memo passed away a few days ago, we had her service here.  Sean spoke at the funeral and even teared up, so that was hard.  My school is going good.  I've been making pretty good grades, I could do better but seriously I have a damn life!  I'm in a break right now so that's nice…but soon I'll finally have that frickin' degree…whatever will I do with myself when I'm not in school!? LMAO!
Here's two pics for ya…sprained ankle swelling and bruised toes…oh and as an added bonus, a new digi page!
Copy of S5030027S5030031

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