ER and other fun stuff

1 Mar

Well, let me just give you the short-cut story.  The reason for the short story is because I hurt and am on good pain meds right now.  Basically I had some horrible pain that everyone was worried was appendicitis (sp?) so I went to the ER today.  After 4 hrs, phenergen, morphine and a CT scan it turns out the pain is from ovarian cysts…and oodles of them, one in particular.  Both ovaries are just covered with cysts with the right one having the largest 2cm cyst which will probably burst soon.  Needless to say I hurt but would like to rub it in to all docs that have seen me and can't figure out why I haven't had a period in MONTHS…nanner-nanner-boo-boo…I have PCOS!  DUH!

Anyway, I have instructions to follow up with my ob/gyn on what to do.  Honestly all of me wants them to let me have a complete hysterectomy.  But I doubt anyone will, me being 28 (almost 29) and all.  But come on…it's causing more pain than anything and I apparently can't use any of my "parts" for child-rearing so take the fuckers out!

The  "other fun stuff" I eluded to in the title is that Work Comp Ok'd my surgery on my ankle.  Guess they just wanted to see how badly I wanted it done and how annoying I can/will be if I am denied.  So, surgery is now scheduled on the left ankle, just a scope right now, at noon on Thursday, March 6th.  Whoopie doo!

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2 Responses to “ER and other fun stuff”

  1. hydrogeek March 4, 2008 at 9:10 am #

    We talked about PCOS on the drive down to girl's weekend several YEARS ago? You remember? I can't believe they are just now deciding to check you out for it, and even then, only when you are in horrible pain. I'm so sorry Mel. The thing is, they probably would do a partial hysterectomy on you, but that wouldn't help the ovary problem. They don't like to take the hormone producers out of a person our age. What you probably need is metformin, so be sure to ask about that.On the bright side, thank goodness the WC is paying for your ankle surgery. Um, wait. Ankle surgery is a bright side? Girl, you gotta go on vacation.

  2. hydrogeek March 6, 2008 at 9:24 am #

    Hope your ankle scope goes well today!

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