‘Effed up update

19 Apr

Well, since I suck at keeping my vox 'hood updated…here's a messed up one.

So, first off, what was the last thing I vox'd about?  My surgery…oh my second surgery.  Riiiiiiight.  Well since then, I've had two injections in my back because of my effed up nerve.  Apparently there's these nerves in your foot and sometimes they freak the hell out after surgery/injury and that's what mine is doing.  So, these huge ass shots in my back are supposed to deaden this nerve and "reset" it so it'll calm down.  I'm a freak though remember, so it hasn't worked.  Here's a snippit of what I've sent to my work comp adjuster and my manager at work, this will give you an idea of what I've been going through for about 6 weeks now!

I thought this would be the easiest way to keep you both informed at this point.  Just as a refresher I had my 2nd nerve injection in my back on Wednesday this week.  Sadly it did not ease the pain at all, if possible it has made it a little worse.  Dr. X, my pain management doc, said that there are a few things left to try; another injection, a device of some sort implanted in my back to continuously block the nerve or kill the nerve all together.  I have another follow-up appt on Thursday.
My status as of now is I've been out of work since Thursday, April 10th.  I'll be very honest, I'm on Percocet to help with the pain.  With that all I do is sleep because it's such a heavy narcotic.  My quality of life is horrible.  I sleep all the time, I cannot go anywhere because of the meds I'm on, I cannot drive, I cannot even walk around the grocery store to do shopping.  I cannot clean my house nor can I watch my daughter play t-ball because I cannot stand that long.  The only time I'm not on the medication is if I have to pick up my daughter from school/daycare if my husband has a meeting.  Since I cannot drive or adequately watch McKenna, then I cannot take the meds.  On those days I'm pretty much curled on the couch or in bed due to the pain.  Also, I cannot wear socks/shoes because the pressure hurts too badly or even if my pants legs brush up against my ankle/foot I'm in excruciating pain.
I know this is probably more information than you both need, but I feel that I need to be 100% honest about the situation.  I'm afraid for my job.  I'm afraid work will give up on me and I will no longer be "employable" or when I finally am able to come back I will be lost due to the daily changes.  I love my job and my co-workers and it has been so difficult to not be there.  I do not feel with the percocet that I can do my job.  Because of the legal implications of me saying something really stupid or wrong.  I can stop the medications but then, as I said before, the pain is so horrible that I cannot even think of anything else or really function.
So, yeah, that's what I just emailed to them.  Probably way too much info, but ya know they need to know what's up.  My pain mgt doc is awesome (her name really isn't Dr. X, btw…keeping some things private for her).  She's worried I will start to get depressed, which I am.  I probably need to talk to her about upping my Lexapro.  So, aren't you happy that I updated y'all?!
Since this post is all shitty and "oh poor Melanie" on your ass, here's some happier news.  Kenna turned 6…she had her birthday about a week after I had my surgery.  The parties were great and it was so nice to see some friends I hadn't seen in FOREVER!  She's also in t-ball and I have to say is kickin' ass.  She's the only girl on the team!  School is almost over, another 7 more weeks I think.  I can't believe all they teach in Kinder nowadays.  She can read, it's so damned adorable too.  She's writing, not spelling shit right, but hell, I can't either.  God I love her…seeing her grow so much in this past year has been amazing!  I'm so proud!
PICT0044PICT0065 (2)PICT0023

I have more pics of t-ball and even a short little clip of her batting and runnin' to first, but I gotta upload it and it's 1:20 am, so I'll do it later.
Anyway, there's your 'effed up update!  


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2 Responses to “‘Effed up update”

  1. hydrogeek April 21, 2008 at 10:13 am #

    Holy crap, gal, I had no idea that surgery ended up so badly. I knew you said it hurt worse than the first one, but I didn't know you weren't getting over it. I hope Dr. X finds something soon to help you! <<HUGS>>

  2. Twinge April 25, 2008 at 11:03 am #

    Oof – that sounds really horrible. I hope it's getting a little better – one day at a time, right?Take care of yourself!

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