It’s 12:32 am and yes I’m awake

4 Aug

I'm used to this insomnia shit…really.  I'm so totally over it.  But still I sit here at 12:33 now while all the family is in their beds snoring away.  Including the dog.  Yet…I sit, watching Adult Swim (hey, it was Family Guy) thinking of two things:

1.  I need to put water in the fish tank.  Seriously it sounds like the pee of a person who just consumed a 6-er and finally stood up.  Also, how ARE my fish still alive?  They were not, I'm sure, fed during my 2 week stay in Oklahoma nor have they been fed since I've been home.  Maybe I shouldn't admit that…don't go callin' the ASPCA on my ass, I do NOT want to be on "Animal Cops: San Antonio"!

and 2. Should I have another juice pouch?  The last one was oh so yummy.

Night night to all, I think I'll stay up until the next Family Guy, drink me one last juice pouch and see if I can find something I have never googled before.  BTW, it's 12:37 now!

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One Response to “It’s 12:32 am and yes I’m awake”

  1. Yvette Ivy August 4, 2008 at 1:39 am #

    Go to bed, hooch! It's 1:35 and I'm still up…I've been talking to my friend stationed in Iraq while he got ready for work (it's already tomorrow morning over there). Come on, you're not a *real* insomniac until you're swiggin' Dr. Pepper or coffee at 12:37a. Juice pouches are for wussies!!
    Love you!!!! You can come to my house and get some sleep!!

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