Oh so much to do…

2 Sep

but let's blog! LOL!  Seriously, I need to clean, pack and clean again.  I need to pack some more then I need to re-pack the shit that my daughter will undoubtedly take out of the box.  Then I need to find an insurance company that doesn't want to charge us an arm and a leg to insure our house. Too bad I got fired from my job, I could have great insurance at a pretty good price…but nooooooo I'm not a member anymore unless someone in my family was.  I'm sure there is somewhere but dude I don't have time to find the "missing link" to membership.

Then I need to go to Walmart, I can't find my cell phone charger so it's dead and screaming at me.  Really why do phones do that?  They could save up all that energy they use beeping that they are going dead to stay alive a wee-bit longer.  Oh and I need to take Hopie to the beauty shop, she's nasty.  I also need to visit my local Home Depot or Lowes, I'm considering making my own desk…should be fun since I have NO power tools!

Ack, Vox just posted my post and I wasn't done!  Anyway, with all this I have to do…I want to update my blog header…time for a change!  LOL

Which is more important…blog header update or finding insurance so we can close in two days-ish?


YIP…blog header!  Adios, time to be creative!  BTW, enjoy my new calendar and walpaper!


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One Response to “Oh so much to do…”

  1. hydrogeek September 2, 2008 at 11:17 am #

    Good luck getting everything done!BTW, Vette is trying to get a hold of you, so give her a call when you get a second.

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