2 Sep

Ok, so I just told my sis that I felt like I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut-off.  I'm exhausted, I hurt so bad there's honestly no words for it, but I feel completed…Let me explain:


1. I found insurance for the house, called the mortgage company then called the old insurance company to get a claims experience letter faxed (saying we've never had a property claim).

2. Sean called and said all is a "go" and mtg company is sending info to title company and drawing paperwork

3. I looked online for a table top and legs…I want to make my own computer desk but I want it to be longer than usual since we'll have 2 laptops, printer, phone, etc.  I guess I want a table for two! LOL  Couldn't find what I wanted without spending over $250+ and I'm just not gonna spend that.  Luckily sis said that Lowe's will have what I want and to go take a gander, it's cheaper too!

4. Made dinner

5. Started a load of laundry

6. Threw kiddo in the bath and washed her nasty hair

7. Talked to sis

8. Emailed family

9. Made a postcard thingy to send to friends and family with our new address and phone number

10. Emailed family again with that info

11. Made a new vox banner (which I think I like more than the first!)

12. Oh and between #'s 3 and 4 above I picked up my kiddo at school (which right now takes 45 mins one way since she's at the new school district where we'll be living)

I'm sure there's more but I'm tired…and I didn't even pack today!  Even without the packing though I feel like I've gotten so much done!  Yay me!

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