Doc appt today!

29 Oct

Alrighty…the appt was quite normal.  I've lost more weight which has made my doc very unhappy with me.  So he wrote me a script for Zofran…which I will add to that story in a second. 

Anyway he tried to hear the baby via doppler but he couldn't get him, so he said "well hell, let's do an ultrasound then". I was all for it!  When he got him on the u/s monitor we realized why we couldn't get the doppler on him.  For one he's behind my pubic bone and two that baby is a movin'!  We're not talking a twitch here and there we are talking full fledged jumps.  I've never seen a baby jump like that.  He honestly balled up then sprang up with BOTH legs and jumped.  The doc even commented how crazy that was!  He didn't do it just once but twice then danced in there.  It was hillarious.  He didn't measure the baby since it was a quickie to make sure he was doing well since we couldn't get the hb.  So, all is fine with the baby!  The doc's schedule is crazy the next two months so I see him in 3 weeks again but this time on a Tuesday.

I asked the doc about the Zofran, if it was expensive.  He said that there is now a generic, so it wouldn't be as bad.  I went to fill it and asked before they started filling how much it would be…are you ready for this…for 15 pills, just 15…was OVER $1000!  I started crying.  Here I finally have a great med that maybe I can eat again (I'm so tired, I have no energy since all I eat is toast) and it's crazy expensive.  The pharmacy said they didn't have a generic.  So, I just got a call from the doc and he said to try another pharmacy within the university health system, they should have a generic.  I guess we'll see…ya know, since they are closed now!

So that was the fun today!

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2 Responses to “Doc appt today!”

  1. hydrogeek October 30, 2008 at 8:41 am #

    YAY for everything being great! You know, at Dora's 11 week sonogram, they couldn't get a heart rate because she was doing that jump, jive and roll thing.Just a suggestion…maybe Unisom would help the nausea? I know several people in blogland who swear by it. (lemme know if you want links) Might be worth trying before you spend all the big bucks. If it's that expensive I can't imagine even the generic being THAT cheap. I do hope I'm wrong, though!

  2. Butterfly Baby October 31, 2008 at 3:18 pm #

    I loved seeing the baby move even though it prevented a lot of cool photos. That is so exciting!

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