Update, sort of

29 Oct

I know, I suck.  I come here and drop a bomb on y'all that we're preggo!  But let me just say there's not much to update about.  I have an appt tomorrow, I'll update more then!

The only thing is the throwing up.  I've lost 18lbs since I got preggo and have a feeling that I'm down 20lbs now.  All I do is puke, if I'm not then I'm sleeping 'cause of the anti-puke meds.  When I do finally eat, it's toast.

So, that's all folks…just a ton of puking!  I'll let you all know tomorrow how the appt goes!

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One Response to “Update, sort of”

  1. hydrogeek October 29, 2008 at 8:53 am #

    I was just about to email you and see if you'd had your appt yet this week! I'm still hanging in there…and I hope you are with the puking, too…

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