A little disappointed

31 Oct

I'm a wee bit upset.  I thought this Zofran was a wonder drug.  That I would take it and feel like my old self.  I thought that I would not be sick, that I would not feel like puking and that I would have my appetite back and eat again.  I love food and the thought of eating again made me happy.

Today is only day two but the only difference I can tell is that I don't puke.  I still don't feel good.  I still am nauseated and don't really want to eat.  And when I do take the Zofran I have to have a tylenol chaser because of the horrible headache I get from it.

Not what I was hoping and praying for, but I guess it's working since I haven't hurled in two days.  Oh well. 

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One Response to “A little disappointed”

  1. Butterfly Baby October 31, 2008 at 3:17 pm #

    Oh hun, I feel for you! Just take heart in the fact that your strong urge to hurl usually means a healthy, happy baby inside… okay, so that might not be satisfying enough but hey, you may just be the rarity that winds up 20 lbs lighter after baby! NOW that I could look forward to! Feel better!

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