Kiss me, I voted

4 Nov

Ah, I feel so good, so proud after I vote.  I won't go into politics or who I voted for, but I will tell you of my experience today.

I dropped Kenna off at school a few minutes after 7am and headed to my polling site.  After about 5 minutes the voting Judge guy came out and said my precinct (4059) couldn't vote yet because of a computer problem.  The machines were not recognizing and pulling up our ballot.  I was actually ok with that.  It was a beautiful morning, I wasn't sick feeling yet, my ankle was not hurting too bad…I was alright with standing outside in line for a bit.  Until the Vote Nazi started speaking.  The "Vote Nazi" is what I'll call the 60-ish year old woman outside in line with me.  She was rude, yelling at the Polling Place judge basically causing a big ruckus.  Seriously, was there any need for that?  They were trying to do everything possible to get us in to vote, they'd called the county election place, got TWO techs on the way, etc.  Basically they were doing all they could.  This woman and then her husband would not shut up.  I finally got tacky with her because she said that I (and a few other people in line behind me) were blocking the exit for people in wheelchairs.  I told her that in that case I would move, that it's just common sense and niceness to do so.  I didn't say it that nice, and I'm fairly certain there were a few cuss words in there, but you know what…I got clapped at. My fellow voters actually gave me a hand, cheering me on after I said that.  It wasn't enough to shut the woman up and we were all moaning and grumbling about her when it was all over.  It only took 1 hr 15 minutes in line to vote, that's not all that bad to me honestly.  I got to vote, my voice was heard and I got to stand outside on a very beautiful morning.  Yes my back hurt, yes I started to get nauseated and yes my ankle was throbbing, but at least I CAN vote.  At least I have the RIGHT to vote!

When I went in to cast my ballot I told every volunteer, especially the Judge who got yelled at by the "nazi", that I appreciated what they were doing and their time they put in to help us make our voice heard.  I got a hug by one of them and she had tears.  Really, that "nazi" ruined alot of people's day today, shown on the faces of those volunteers, especially the one that hugged me. 

Think about your actions people.  And no, I'm not perfect.  I yell at people, I cuss at poor restaurant workers, I'm a bitch and I'm the first to admit it.  Seeing what it actually does to people, I will think twice next time.

But hey…I VOTED!  And it was fun!


~ side note, "Vote Nazi" is in reference to a Seinfeld episode…don't take it the wrong way.

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One Response to “Kiss me, I voted”

  1. hydrogeek November 4, 2008 at 9:09 am #

    I voted two weeks ago just SURE that I would be housebound with a new one by today. Nope. Still at work. Good for you for facing down the vote nazi, and telling the poll workers you appreciated them. I'm sure it turned their day around.Sorry the Zofran isn't working perfectly…maybe it will get better with time?

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