Puke update

7 Nov

Ok…so this is going to be fast.  I had to go to the Ob/Gyn ER on Wednesday because I can't stop hurling.  They admited me and I just got home late last night.  Sorry if you're family and this is the first time you're hearing of this.  My cell phone died and I honestly didn't have any energy left to do anything.

I've lost a crap load of weight and my Zofran didn't work.  I was totally dehydrated, worse than ever before.  Then the poops started.  But I'm home now and exhausted.

I'm on Zofran every 12 hrs and Reglan before every meal and at dinner.  We'll see how much that Reglan costs since I haven't filled it yet.

Plus side I heard the baby and he's doing great!  He even kicked the doppler and the doc couldn't believe that he could actually feel it!  And I was on the maternity floor so I heard newborn babies all night, so that was so sweet too, just reminded me of the end!  🙂

So, I need to catch up on my 'hood and read posts but I may not comment today.

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One Response to “Puke update”

  1. E November 7, 2008 at 12:31 pm #

    I'm glad you're home and doing ok. I'm so sorry all this icky stuff is happening to you!

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