A small victory!

12 Nov

Hey, I'll take any victory lately!  So, today I went to the grocery store for the first time since becoming pregnant.  See…when you're pregnant and have hyperemesis this is the math equation:

grocery store + food smells = "clean up on isle 8 please"

Not a fun day and I hadn't been back.  Luckily I have an awesome husband who does the shopping for me so I don't call him weeping from the local store saying that I just hurled and I feel horrible and now I have snot everywhere and I'm so embarrassed…you get the point.  And Sean's done well in the shopping relm.  Getting stuff I never think to or wouldn't dare try when I'm nauseated 24×7.

But today, today was different.  I had a short nap, as opposed to my 4 hr nap, after I took Kenna to school.  I awoke and felt ready to go.  I went and got my weekly shopping done, without a gag or gagging feeling.  The plus side to all of this is I only got one thing that wasn't on my list (thanks to a little nausea still nothing looked good)…Egg Nog ice cream.  Thank god for the holidays!

Dare I say I'm feeling somewhat normal, with the help of 2 different meds and 2-4 hr naps all day long?  Hey, I'll take it!

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