Ooooowwww, my hoo-hoo

22 Dec

Yes, I'm blogging about my hoo-hoo.  I feel bad for complaining but I can't take it much anymore. I have a belt (thanks Mom!) but it's not helping as much as I hoped.  I can't sleep because of the hip/hoo-hoo pain, I can't sit and I can't walk.  I'm already waddling.  I also have the sciatic nerve pain in full force. 

When I sleep, my hips and legs burn.  They feel like they are on fire.  Never in any of my other 5 pregnancies have I done this.  I'm still puking too.  At least once a week pretty much.  Which I'll take once a week instead of 5-6x a day!

On the up side, the boy is moving like crazy.  Some days he punches or kicks so hard it hurts.  Even that pain I'll take.  Being able to feel your child move inside you is something that I will always cherish, even with the shitty pain everywhere else.  He had the hiccups yesterday, man I miss those!

Ooooh and he's got a name.  It's Jaylon.  I love it, so does Kenna and Sean.  Sean's actually the one who found it on the internet, like we did with Kenna's name.  Jaylon just seems perfect for this big guy!

So, there's a small update for you.  I won't go back to the doc until after the first of the year, but right now there's no need for an appt…all is going well!

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One Response to “Ooooowwww, my hoo-hoo”

  1. hydrogeek December 26, 2008 at 1:30 pm #

    Sorry your hoo-hoo hurts. I always had the hip pain. Not fun. I had one of those huge velcro pregnancy belt things that looked like a back support thing that helps a little. Is that what you're talking about when you say belt? I'm so glad to know everything is going great! Don't hiccups rock?

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