Feel like shit – 24 wks

26 Jan

A bulleted post for you all:

  • I have a cold, have since Saturday
  • I have tons of snot, which does not help the nausea…at all!
  • The bullshit sudafed does not work for me
  • I have a doc appt tomorrow (11am – U/s and 1:30pm – appt with MFM)
  • I have cried most of the day
  • Never vomit snot, it's disgusting; worse than KFC mashed potatoes and cold iced tea
  • Sorry I didn't answer the phone dad, I love you but cannot bear to talk today, I will call tomorrow after my appt
  • No fever is what makes me think it's just a cold, fyi.  I have all the horrible symptoms of the flu just no fever, thank god
  • I haven't slept well since "The Cold of 2009", I can't breathe
  • Jaylon doesn't seem to mind that I'm miserable, he has been moving and having a blast in my cozy, warm, fluid-filled uterus of heaven
  • I will update tomorrow after my 2nd level II u/s and my appt
  • All is going well with the pregnancy still, if my doc puts me in the hospital in a few weeks it's strictly (at this point) for my mental well-being

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2 Responses to “Feel like shit – 24 wks”

  1. deputysgirl January 26, 2009 at 4:35 pm #

    Oh Sweetie, I am so very sorry. Can you stand a cup of hot tea? Can't wait to hear what the doc says tomorrow. Glad Jaylon is in party mode as it's probably very reassuring to you even though you feel so rotten.

  2. hydrogeek January 27, 2009 at 9:43 am #

    I was just about to comment on the last post asking how you were doing at 24 weeks. Now I know! Like Deb said, it's awesome that Jaylon is moving so much. And I'm right there with you on the snot-fest. I can't even take the meds because they'll dry my milk up. I've been living on Mucinex, at least that thins the snot down enough that it drains into my throat instead of impacting in my sinuses. I've been able to kinda breathe through my nose enough to sleep that way. You should try it! Totally safe during pregnancy. Not that it makes you much less miserable. About the 26 week hospitilization, I say if there's even a question, mental health or whatever, you should do it. Not that you asked for my assvice, but there it is. Take care of yourself hon. (((HUGS)))

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