U/s…and glucose test results

20 Feb

Well, the u/s tech sucked, like the last time…she doesn't talk and just does her thing.  She didn't even do the biophysical profile, just a regular level II u/s.  Luckily I can read my own damn u/s's now!  LMAO!  Everything looked awesome, like always!  Placenta looked homogeneous so it's still a Grade I (in my opinion), Jay was moving like crazy and is as cute as ever!  The crazy news of the day is his size…ready for it?

JAYLON IS 3 LBS 2 OZ!  He's already measuring 30wks and I'm 27 and 4!  This is one huge kid!



Here's Jay's profile with his cute little hand next to his nose!  You can clearly see his fingertips and thumb!

Here's his profile again…look at that widdle nose!

And now for the glucose test results…I FAILED!  :(  So yeah, I have the three hour one on Monday morning.  I had a 133 and it needs to be under 130.  I'm really thinking I do have Gestational Diabetes, especially since this baby is already a toddler!

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One Response to “U/s…and glucose test results”

  1. hydrogeek February 24, 2009 at 11:28 am #

    Well, if you're gonna make'em, you might as well make'em big, I always say. (This from the lady whose babies were NOT EVEN 8 pounds!)As for the Dora potty training, she basically did it herself. I have a feeling I will pay for that with Isaac.

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