Appt update

26 Feb

Well, my appt was a long one yesterday.  With the teaching of how to use my new glucose monitor and the usual "how ya doin'?" and then my biophysical profile, we closed the place down, everyone left including my doc!  The GD diet isn't too bad, it's actually the same diet I was on when I went to LA Weight Loss and lost 40+lbs.  So, I don't really think it's too hard to follow, it'll just be making sure we have the stuff in the house.  The hard part will be eating again.  I never eat breakfast because I feel like crap still, so having to eat that and a few other snacks during the day is way hard for me and my nausea.  I also don't really understand how I can have a Sonic Burger with onion rings and my sugar was 101, but today I eat the diet to a "t" and my sugars were 150.  Oh well, I guess it's not an exact science and it'll take a while to figure my own stuff out.

Jaylon looks awesome, like he has been all along.  He's really doing the "breathing" now and looked so adorable practicing already in my tummy.  My placenta is still holding strong at a Grade 1 too.  We talked very briefly about the impending c-section and the doc said in cases like me they usually take them at 38 wks.  But, of course it still depends, so nothing is scheduled yet.  I can't believe it…that's 9 1/2 weeks away, not that I'm counting or anything!  But I'm so ready to meet this guy.

I'm still on weekly appts until he gets here, so I have mine next week on Tuesday, when they'll look at the sugars I've done and see how we proceed from there.

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One Response to “Appt update”

  1. hydrogeek February 26, 2009 at 3:55 pm #

    Every time you update I am just so thrilled to hear that things are so normal!

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