Today is 1 month ’till arrival day!

27 Mar

It's March 27th…in one month (April 27th) I will be holding my son!  HOLY SHIT!  LOL…that was an excited holy shit, btw.  I know that he could come sooner, but I really think he's holding out and quite happy, so I just don't feel like that's gonna happen.  I talked to my sis today, she and my dad will be flying in on the 26th (Sunday) then leaving on Tuesday…this is all probably, no flights have been booked or anything yet.  I wish they could stay longer, but really…why?  I mean for the first 4-ish days I'll be stuck in the hospital and my sis has plans to come down again this summer and spend more time, which is perfect!  My mom will be there, and has said she'll stay at the house with us for a bit after we come home.  Thank goodness.  I have no clue what Sean's plans are, so I'll totally need help, especially with running Kenna to and from school, cooking and helping me with my newly reopened c-section scar.  Thank God for family.

I still can't believe it's getting closer.  I knew this pregnancy would "stick" and all would be fine.  Around the 26 week mark that confidence started to flee.  I still knew that it'd be ok, but I just had to get past that point.  And I did, for only the second time in six pregnancies.  I'll never forget the release I felt after that week, I could breathe again, although not for long since Jaylon loves my ribs!  Then with the whole vag bleeding and contractions scare a few weeks ago I thought I'd for sure be on bedrest until he got here.  I am on a modified bedrest, but I still go places, I just know my limits and I got the magic steroids.  Once that second shot of 'roids were deposited in my ass I knew, again, that we were fine.  Now…it's just waiting.  I'm not worrying anymore.  Yes I still do kick counts and counting of contractions, but I just know that it's all ok at this point.  I will finally have my son…and my daughter a brother!

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