34 wks — UGH

6 Apr

I try and update on doc appt days which are Tuesday, but I have some anxious people out there…so here's a long one for ya!


Well, I'm totally in the uncomfortable stage now. My hips and pelvis pop all the time, I can't breathe since he's so high and my ribs constantly ache. My ankles are starting to swell a little at night if I've been up alot. I cannot sleep and am up ever 1 1/2 or 2 hrs to pee and rearrange myself in bed. I can't bend over to touch my toes or reach anything on the ground. I huff and puff just walking from the couch to the kitchen. I waddle like a penguin. My back always hurts. And I'm tired of having to "think" about what I eat (ie, what is this going to do to my sugar, how many carbs are in this, if I eat this now what can I have as a snack, etc.). I pulled a stomach muscle last week and it hurt to do anything and Jaylon punching it didn't help. It's 100x better now, thank goodness.

I only see my doc 2 more times before my section date and I cannot wait! Only 3 more weeks, unless he comes sooner. My last appt my doc said that if there is anything that he doesn't like or that doesn't look good he'll take the baby then. He'd much rather have a 34 weeker in the NICU than in a crappy uterus! Which I agree, but knowing that now at every appt if something is a little outta whack I'm in the hospital. My blood pressure has been a little high throughout this pregnancy and I'm wondering that if it goes higher or I start throwing more protien in my urine if that'll be the last straw for my doc. I've GOT to pack my bag and stick it in the car since it really could be any week now. I feel prepared for Jaylon to come. We have more clothes, blankets and such. I do know if he comes soon he'll be at the hospital for a bit longer, so if that's the case I'll be able to get more stuff before he comes home, KWIM?

I still need stuff for me; breast pump, breast pads, and other breast stuff, pads for after delivery, etc. But I may try renting a pump first then just going from there. Or buying a cheaper electric one then upgrading if this exclusive pumping works for us. I have some bottles and some formula just in case. I'll need more bottles since I'm pumping and not breast feeding. I also need to get bath stuff; shampoo, lotion, bathtub, diaper cream, etc. I still really want a bouncer too.

See, when you type it out it sounds horrible like I need a bunch of crap, but really I have quite a bit of stuff and we're ready for him. I'm headed to the store today to buy stuff to put in my bag so that'll be ready, but will hold off on other stuff for a bit longer.

Basically I'm just ready to be myself again. I feel better than I did with Kenna at this stage, I think it's the weight loss (I'm still down 25lbs and don't gain any because of the GD diet). But I'm ready to see him. I'll just keep chanting "3 more weeks…21 more days" and hopefully that will tide me over 'til he's here!


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2 Responses to “34 wks — UGH”

  1. deputysgirl April 6, 2009 at 5:02 pm #

    Thanks Sweetie…just a little anxious for you. Will be glad to hear what the doc says tomorrow.

  2. hydrogeek April 6, 2009 at 5:23 pm #

    Glad to hear from you! How well I remember the uncomfortable end part of pregnancy. It was almost 5 months ago now that Isaac was born, and my back and hips are just now feeling healed! Good luck hon, and keep us in the loop!

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