35wks 2days – 13 days left – appt

14 Apr

As you can tell, we're not on the countdown at all around here…nope not even Kenna.  My appts lately are so boring that it's wonderful.  Nothing new to report, amazing enough.  I have NSTs weekly and Jay did great today.  Played and had fun for the first part so well that they didn't care that he tuckered himself out and slept through the last half.  My blood sugars are awesome, better than my docs is what he says.  The nausea that plagued me for the first 2/3 of the pregnancy has now come back again.  Which makes eating horribly hard, but I just take my meds and eat when I can.

I did find out a bummer today though regarding my c-section.  Previously we were Ok'd to have my sis in there with us taking pics.  Well, the hospital has a new policy (apparently due to litagation) where you cannot take a picture of any procedure at all, so they won't let sis in.  I'm totally bummed because not only was she my photographer (my paparazzi), she was my support when/if Sean left with Jaylon.  Now I'll be stuck on the table by myself, well and about 15 other people but they won't "care" about me and talk to me like sis would.  Sis took the news wonderfully, I, however, wanted to cry.

But on some brighter news, Kenna lost another tooth last night, on the way to her softball game.  She was really trying to get it out before we left but kept on trying in the car and suceeded.  She now looks like a jack-o-lantern, I'll have to get a pic today.  Also, Kenna went 3 for 3 at bats at the game!  Her first hit in a game, then followed that up with two more at bats and two more hits!  For those not into baseball stats (like mom!), that means she technically batted 1000! I'm so proud of her.  She's also reading so much more and better.  I can't get on the computer without her over my shoulder reading about the latest gossip from People.com!

Anyway, all is perfect in these parts.  I have contractions all the time and they hurt my c-section scar, but doc said that's just the nerves that were cut during the previous one.  I'm totally uncomfortable and don't sleep much, but I'll take it 'cause that means I have a healthy baby, for once!  Oh and those asking about me and checking in…you are TOTALLY not bugging me.  I just love that I have people who care in my life and your checking in means alot to me!

BTW…13 days!

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2 Responses to “35wks 2days – 13 days left – appt”

  1. deputysgirl April 14, 2009 at 9:09 pm #

    Way to go Kenna!!! She's going to make a wonderful big sister. I hate that your sister got booted, but perhaps she can lurk outside the delivery room and snap as Sean and Jay make their grand exit?? Hooray for boring! That's the kind of doctor's appointments we've all dreamed of for you……not much longer now Sweetie. Love to you all.

  2. hydrogeek April 15, 2009 at 10:56 am #

    YAY! BORING UPDATE!!!! (I seriously gotta get that box to you. If you gestate a healthy baby before I get a package mailed I'm gonna feel like a real idiot.)

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