10 days…almost 9

18 Apr

Ya know, it's nice knowing (with some certainty) when your baby will arrive.  Yes there's the chance that he could come early (and some days I feel that way with the contractions and loss of part of my mucous plug), but for the most part I think he'll stay put for 10 more days.  I like knowing that on that Monday morning I'll wake up, take a shower and put on a smidgen of makeup with waterproof mascara, get dressed with my burgeoning belly one more time, hug my only child one more time and take the 30 minute drive with my husband as a family of three one last time.  It's bittersweet in a way.  Kenna's life will totally change, as will ours as a family.  I like being a family of three, it's fit us perfectly for 7 years.  But at the same time I'm ready for the "upgrade" to a quartet and I think that we'll make a damn fine foursome as well.

I hope I know what I'm in for.  I haven't had a newborn in forever and never a boy newborn at that.  When I was pregnant with Jackson I didn't want a boy.  I admit it.  I didn't really know he was a boy until the day he died.  I didn't want to know because I think in my heart I already did know and didn't want the disappointment.  I'm being honest here people, it's not pretty and it's not "right" but it's the way I felt back then.  As soon as I got my positive pregnancy test this time I knew it was a boy again.  But this time I was totally stoked that it was a boy. Yes I joked that I wouldn't know what to do with his "parts", but inside I was bursting that I got my healthy son!  Kenna's pretty happy it's a boy too, I thought for sure she wanted a girl, but she recently told me that she's happy with what we've got.  Sean has yet to say that he's excited also.  Not a guy of a ton of words, those who know him will attest to that, but I think he's pretty durn happy that his name will go on, at least for another generation.

It just amazes me that in a little over one week I'll be thrown back into diapers and bottles, crying and no sleep, cooing and drool.  I never thought that we'd be there again, and I have to admit it feels damn good!

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2 Responses to “10 days…almost 9”

  1. deputysgirl April 17, 2009 at 10:29 pm #

    God bless you all. After he's here, you can rest your poor little body and not put it through this again. You're going to make a great "boy Mom"!

  2. hydrogeek April 21, 2009 at 8:49 am #

    You know, I was kinda the opposite. I wanted boys, and got a Dora first. And I am SO GLAD. In fact, until Ikey happened, I was considering making her an only child she was so perfect. And now my chubby little boy has stolen my heart just as completely. (And dear lord you are totally going to gestate a healthy baby before I get one measly package mailed…)

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