Jaylon Reid

28 Apr

Oh yes, he's here and has been for a while!  7 days to be exact…I have to type up the birth story but the short of it is I went to the doc, had elevated blood pressure then got to the hospital and was in labor.  Ended up abrupting again, just a smidge no worries, and out he came via repeat c-section at 9:33pm!  He was born at 36wks and 2 days, so a little early but had no breathing problems and even had no issues with his blood sugar.  He's beautiful and perfect and acts nothing like Kenna did!  It's so strange!

So, here are a few pics to tide you over until family leaves, I get into the groove of parenting a newborn again and some of the sleep deprivation eases up (which it is already better!).



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