Thrust into parenting multiple children

29 Apr

Today was going to be a big day for me.  Family all finally gone, the last bunch leaving early this morning, Sean going back to work and Kenna in school, leaving me and Jay alone trying to figure out a routine and what would work for us.  Sean would take Kenna to school, since I can’t drive yet, then he’d come home early so we could all go get her and head to Jay’s first ped appt.

Then life happened.

Kenna woke up at 3 am puking.  I didn’t know it, her Gramma woke up and tended to her, which was awfully nice but I still wish I knew.  I feel bad I wasn’t there to hold her hair as she hurled or rub her back.  She’s puked a few more times this morning and can’t even keep the little Pepto tablets down.  She has no fever but is white as a sheet. 

So, I’m now thrust into parenting mulitple children, one being a newborn that I want to keep away from his puking big sister.  Wow…what a first day by myself!


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