11 May

Have you ever lost someone who is your age?  I mean…someone you know dies and they are as old as you?  I'm only 30, I figured my friends would start passing away when I'm in my 70s and 80s, but 30?  That seems too young to me.  Sadly Sean knows what I'm talking about since he's had a few classmates die, but this one is the first for me. 

A friend I graduated with died over the weekend.  Now, we weren't best buds, but he was always the nicest guy.  He gave the greatest hugs and will forever be my "Big Bob".  When you have a graduating class of 29 (yourself included) you know everyone and consider most to be your friends.  Big Bob would always greet me with a huge bear hug, no matter what the other person was doing.  He'd lift me off the ground (hey I was little in high school and he was a big guy!) and squeeze with both arms wrapped around me.  He was always the guy that you knew if you needed something just ask and he'd somehow make it happen or help out.  And now…he's gone…at 30 (or maybe 31, I can't remember how old he was).  That's too young and it's too close to home.

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