By myself

22 Jul

I dropped my two kids off with NaNa and Grandpa Chris today.  I cried.  My mother is quite capable of taking care of children, so I’m not worried about them, but still it’s hard.  Packing up all their clothes and stuff and placing it into the truck; buckling their car seats in and shutting the door was heart wrenching. So, I was by myself in the car for a little over 2 hrs while driving back to my sister’s house.  I played the music way too loud and sang along (poorly I may add!).  It was so strange being by myself.  I would look in the backseat when I’d change lanes and there wouldn’t be a cute little girl looking at me with a smile.  There were no questions, no coos, no laughing from the backseat, it was quiet.  The only way you would know I have children is the huge amounts of crayons and toys (and stains) in the back seat.  Not only was the back empty of kids, noises and car seats; so was my heart.

I first left my daughter with someone other than me when she was 6 months old and now my son at 3 months.  I’m never away from them and I needed a break.  Time to spend with my sisters; reconnecting and laughing, eating and drinking, tanning and swimming.  While I’m looking forward to this time, I will also miss my kids terribly!


One Response to “By myself”

  1. Coffee and Kids July 22, 2009 at 5:50 pm #

    I have a nearly identical post to yours! It’s odd when the kids aren’t around, but you’re right, you need time to reconnect and recharge your batteries! And you’ll be a better mommy for it!

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