Live bloggin’ SYTYCD!

5 Aug

For those of you who don’t “know” me, I used to dance.  I loved dancing and still do.  I miss it now but because of health reasons it’s hard for me to get my groove on.  Because of this I live vicariously through each and every season on So You Think You Can Dance on Fox.  Tonight is the finale, so let’s blog about it!  FYI, there will be no blogging about the judges comments, they don’t sway me one way or another.

7:05 Boys, Boys, Boys with 4 finalists – They did a cheerleader/jock routine and it was great.  Very cute and fun.  Made me smile.  Not a lot of substance, but it wasn’t supposed to have it either.

7:15 Heartbreaker with Evan & Jeanine – Eh.  I don’t really like Sonya’s (sp?) choreography, so I have a hard time with this one.  They danced it well, so I guess that’s all that counts.  I’m liking Jeanine more and more.  And Evan can do so much more than at the beginning of the season.

7:27 Brandon solo (if you vote, 1-888-TEMPO-01) – Such power yet grace at the same time.  Ugh…tears my heart out when I watch him!  My fave guy, hands down.

7:35  Bye Bye Love with Brandon & Kayla – Love me some Tyce routines!  Sadly Kayla just didn’t bring it for me.  I’d still pay money to watch that, fo’ sho’!  They were off a little on the turns and I think Kayla cut a turn out, but it still was good.  I loved that turn thingy where Kayla held her leg and Brandon had her do a cartwheel…cool!  Very entertaining!

7:47 Jeanine solo (1-888-TEMPO-02 if you vote) – Beautiful lines.  She’s so graceful but has a purpose, kwim?  I loved the pirouettes!  Wowzer!  I can see her beating Brandon and I’m torn between the two!  Her jumps and flexibility, nice!

7:58 Nasty with Brandon & Evan – A little “West Side Story”-ish.  In parts Evan did better and others Brandon did.  Evan looked too perfect while Brandon did look sloppy and mean, which is what the routine called for.  Evan’s technical moves were spot on.  Brandon’s power was just too much in this for Evan.

8:08 The Four Sections: IV with Kayla & Jeanine – Wow!  I love them together, it was amazing!  The lines, the power and the elegance.  Awesome.  And for once, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Kayla.  It’s like she “felt” it more for some reason.  I loved the shedding of the skirts, it added so much too.  They were both so great it’s hard to pick it apart.

8:18 Evan solo (1-888-TEMPO-03, if you vote) – Love his quirkiness.  His solo didn’t have a lot packed into it, but what was there was good.  His jumps had power.  I think he’s a great dancer, not the best this year but I can so see him going on to kick Broadway’s ass!

8:26 T.R.O.U.B.L.E with Evan & Kayla – Jive isn’t one of my faves, you can have fun with it, but usually I’m not a fan of it.  And Kayla didn’t help tonight.  Ugh, she was not dancing she was stomping around.  She’s a little girl but she looks like she weighed 800lbs the way she moved in those boots.  Evan, however, was perfect.   This was right up his alley and he did a great job, even on those lifts.  It looked easy for him. (BTW, I don’t think Mary was watching the same routine I was! LMAO!)

8:40 Kayla solo (if you vote, 1-888-TEMPO-04) – Damn, this girl is flexible!  That had to have been her strongest solo of the season.  Very dark and powerful.  Those extensions are always amazing.  She’s beautiful on stage and very easy to watch.

8:48 Tetsujin with Brandon & Jeanine – Woooooooooo hooooooooo!  I’m screaming like Mary (before Mary got a chance!).  Wow, the Paso never gives me chills, but this one did.  Those two are amazing together. Intense, tough, powerful, strong.  I don’t have a thesaurus but I need one!  Kenna said they looked evil or like bats!  LOL

My predictions:  This has to be the best season.  These dancers are all great and have really perfected their craft.  With that being said, here’s what I think:

4th place – Evan – I’m bummed to put him here, but I’m afraid he’ll end up right where I think.  I think this little guy is great, just not the best.

3rd place – Kayla – Sadly, I think she’ll finish here, she just doesn’t have enough oompf to beat the pack.  She is a great dancer just not strong enough.

Runner-Up – Jeanine – Between her and Brandon it’s tough.  I agree that she peaked at the right time and she’s damn good.  I would be happy if we had a tie!

Winner – Brandon – Yeah, he’s amazing.  No doubt about that.  He’s strong, he’s powerful, he’s graceful, he’s just awesome.  He always gave me goose bumps when he danced.


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