My daughter

15 Aug

I tweeted this, I facebooked it but it really needs the story behind it, so here goes.

My daughter is 7 and little.  She’s almost 4ft tall and weighs 50 lbs.  She’s a cute little thing. She bugs me and annoys me alot but really, what 7 year old doesn’t from time to time, right?  So, we were at Cracker Barrel having a yummy Saturday night dinner.  Sean and Kenna on one side of the table, me and Jay on the other.  Our food was there already and Jay had been fussy since he decided he needed to eat too.  I was feeding Jay and eating my own food, occasionally talking about how good it tasted or where was the waiter with our drink refills.  I’m sitting directly across from Kenna who is eating pretty well for once.  Then out of nowhere we hear “my arms are stuck”.  Yeah, that’s right.  My oldest kid had gotten her arms stuck in the back of the chair.  The chair had 4 or 5 vertical slats and she decided to stick her elbows (arms bent) through them but now couldn’t get them back out!  I start laughing, almost to the point of crying.  She giggles at first then realizes she really is STUCK!  She gets a little teary-eyed and freaks while I’m still laughing.  Call CPS but it was frickin’ hilarious!  Sean even laughed and tried to pull the slats apart enough to slide her arms out, to no avail.  I had to keep calming Kenna down because her wimpers turned into cries and more “but they are stuck”s and “stop laughing at me”s.

I kept telling Sean to use the butter they brought for our biscuits and cornbread to lube her arms but he just kept trying his way.  Side note * why is it that men do that?  Helloooooo?!  Use the fuckin’ butter already!  * back to story.  Surprisingly no one ever looks in our direction, we’re in the corner thank goodness.  I’m still laughing but telling Kenna that it will be ok that we’ll get her out anyway possible.  Or we could just take the chair with us!  She didn’t find that too funny.  Sean grabbed the butter * finally! * and rubbed it on her elbows and each arm slid right on out. BTW, Sean never got a pic of it, even though I begged through the laughter.

Her arms are red and have a little bruising already.  But we still joked with her even when we came home.  She’s just now laughing about it, the trauma has worn off.

I put her to bed with our usual night time ritual.  Hugs, kisses then “seepy good”, “I love you” and blow kisses.  After the I love you and before I blew her a kiss I told her not to get stuck anywhere in her room tonight.  She giggled…she’ll be fine I betcha.


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