Ode to my heater

10 Dec

Dear heater,

I know you normally get overlooked and I’m sorry for that.  You really are loved and needed.  It’s just that usually in South Texas we don’t get to know one another that often; it’s not like your enemy, the air conditioner.  The A/C is used pretty much 10 months out of the year, maybe even 11 and when it’s not being used it’s still just too warm for you to have to work.  See really, I’m thinking of you.  You get to sit and rest most of the year whereas the air works all the time.

But you’re always there. And I appreciate that.  You’re there for me on cold mornings or when my feet are cold.  You take a few minutes to forget that you haven’t worked in a while then you’re right there to comfort me.  It’s nice knowing that when I need you, I just have to turn to you.

So, thank you for all your toasty-ness, I really appreciated you this morning. My car told me to drive carefully, that there may be ice on the road but there you were, warming up so I could drive Kenna to school.  You kept me heated today when it was only in the 40s, just cause there was a little nip in the air.  You got rid of it quickly and made me feel so comfortable. 

What would I do without you?


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