My Mommy!

21 Dec

Yip, I just called her Mommy. I usually don’t.  She’s normally Ma, Madre, Momma or even sometimes Smartass!

My Mom and I have a very different relationship.  She’s more like a friend than anything else.  Now, you can go ahead and say, “well, Melanie, it’s because you’re in your 30’s.  Your relationship with your parents change then.”  But I remember her being a friend for a very long time now; even in high school.  She still grounded me, taught me motherly things and such but she was always the person that was so easy to go to and talk to…a friend.

Mom and I have been through lots of stuff together. But that’s just it, we went through it TOGETHER!  I never felt alone, I never felt that I HAD to go to my Mom.  She was always right there, either down the hall or across the state, it didn’t matter.  Whatever you’re going through, whatever is happening in her life or yours, she is there.  She’ll laugh with you, laugh at you, cry with you or just listen to you bitch.

She got married a few years ago, to a really awesome guy.  She’s the happiest I’ve seen her and it makes me happy too.  A woman like my mother deserves to be happy and treated well and she is.

Did I mention that my Mom is a smartass too?  I think, no I know, that’s where I get mine from.  And I have to admit that I learned from the best.  My stepdad told me not too long ago that me and my mom are alot alike. I just laughed and agreed.

So Ma…on this, your birthday, I want you to know that I love you and LOVE the fact that you and I are exactly alike.  I couldn’t imagine another person that I would rather be like.  You are my rock, you make me laugh and I know you’re always right where I need you.  You are an amazing daughter, mother, wife and NaNa. 

I LOVE YOU and I hope your birthday is everything you deserve and want it to be!

(BTW, my mom is the Sexy Bitch on the right!)


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