Wow, where do I begin?

10 Mar

I mean, I’ve been MIA and I have no idea where to even begin on the update!  So, let’s see…

~ My ma and Chris came down for the weekend.  Chris had a bunch of meetings so we didn’t get to see him too much, unfortunately.  But we did get to spend Saturday with my ma.  We always have fun together, I don’t think it matters what we do or where we go.  We did get to baby sit their puppy, Zoe.  Chris and I went in together and got ZoeZoe for Ma for Christmas.  Boy is she a handful.  She’s spoiled and beyond cute.  Luckily she slept really well for us, better than Jay actually.  Kenna already misses her but honestly watching her is harder than watching a kid!

~ Kenna’s birthday is coming up.  It’s strange because we always have a party for her.  Hell, last year we took most of the family (the ones that could be here) to Sea World for the day.  This year her party will have to wait.  Because of spring break, St. Patrick’s weekend and a friend’s birthday she decided to have her sleepover in April.  Such a big girl to understand that things come up and come up with a compromise.

~ St. Patrick’s weekend.  I’m from a teeny-tiny town in the panhandle.  This town celebrates St. Pats…with a parade, carnival and all kinds of fun stuff.  Every year we go there and enjoy all that St. Pat’s has to offer.  Tons of my family comes and it’s like a mini family reunion.  We didn’t go last year because I was, oh, 32 weeks pregnant and no one wanted me to travel 8 hrs.  So, I’m ready to par-tay next weekend!

~ Jay rode in a big boy swing for the first time last night.  We were at Kenna’s softball practice and he started getting fussy.  So I took him over to the park and stuck him in the swing.  He giggled and smiled and giggled some more.  When he’d stop swinging he’d kick his legs and get fussy and it was hard getting him out!

~ I’ve been applying to every company I can think of in San Antonio.  Some positions I’m totally qualified for, some not completely.  I seriously have applied to 8 companies that I can think of, I know it’s more than that though!  I have two reasons why I’m not getting a call back (other than the economy and unemployment so everyone’s looking for a job)…1)I have no college degree. I’ve got over 100 hrs toward my BS but I don’t have the money to go back. 2)My work comp claim. I never thought of that until my dad said that some companies bay attention to that. UGH!

~ I have a large post about my weight in my head. I would add it to this but I think it deserves a post of its own.

Anywho, there you have some of the update.  I dunno if you’ll get the weight post tomorrow since it’s softball practice AND Grey’s and Private Practice night!  Thursday’s are a big night for me! LOL


One Response to “Wow, where do I begin?”

  1. pinkknotes March 10, 2010 at 9:29 pm #

    I have wayyy more that 100 hours toward my BS.

    Wait, you were talking about a degree, not literal bullshit… my bad.

    Zoe is darned cute! And Kenna is such a big girl to understand and be willing to wait for her sleepover! Jay is adorable, but I told you that before 🙂

    I look forward to your weight post… I always have a post about my weight in the back of my mind, but I can’t get all the words straight, so I don’t post it.

    love*love ❤

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