That dirt eater…yeah, it’s MY son!

30 Mar

(First off…woo hoo, it’s not a diet post!)

Jaylon is a dirt eater.  Which, as bad as it sounds, is not as bad as a death eater (Harry Potter reference!).  But it is pretty nasty.  I don’t care how many times I vacuum, how many times I sweep or how many times I hand-pick stuff up off the floor he will eat it.  More often than not, thanks to big sis playing softball, it’s dirt from her cleats. 

He’ll crawl really fast to a clump and stuff it in his chubby little cheeks before I even notice it or get to him.  If I don’t notice I hear coughing and gagging in a few seconds.  It’s actually quite funny, if it weren’t so NASTY!

Today I ran to Walgreens, which btw is the devil and I could spend more money there than Target sometimes, to get Jay some food for in the morning.  I left him home with Daddy and Sissy.  As soon as I get home they have to run to softball practice so it’s a little hectic for a few seconds.  In this short period of time Jay got himself a HUNK of dirt.  We hear coughing and gagging then a little bleck sound.  So Sean and I instantly know what he got into.  I should have taken a pic before we wiped his mouth because DAMN that was some funny shit!  He had dirt all around his mouth, like he had eaten the best ice-cream on the face of the earth.  We wiped his mouth, I swept the inside of his mouth and noticed that he had some stuck in his little teeth!  Man oh man!

I brushed his teeth after that.

Also, he plays with his wee-hee too.  I know he’s a boy and “hey look, it’s a cool thingy to play with” but I didn’t think he’d start now!  He loves bathtime because it’s out there for him to fondle.  The funny thing is he usually giggles while he’s doing it. 

His future wife is going to love all these stories.  Hopefully by then all the dirt will be out of his teeth!


2 Responses to “That dirt eater…yeah, it’s MY son!”

  1. Caroline March 31, 2010 at 9:15 am #

    Ew. Ewewewewew.

    Oh and I forgot to tell you: ew.

  2. Michelle April 2, 2010 at 10:33 am #

    That’s hilarious!! Wish you did have a pic, that’d be great! And the wee-hee thing gets worse from here! 🙂

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