Where the hell?!

20 May

Ok, seriously…where did the past 10 years go?

I mean, ten years ago I was in Amarillo getting my hair did, ten years ago I was wondering around in a small town museum getting my make up on, ten years ago I was handed my Great-Gramma’s handkerchief,  ten years ago I was getting a heavier-than-it-looked white dress on, ten years ago I was kissing my dad’s bald head as he put a blue garter on my leg, ten years ago I started to freak out a little and had to sit down because I was hot (even though I was the only one sweating), and ten years ago I was walking down the aisle with my Mom by my side toward the most handsome man I know.

10 years = too many kisses and hugs to count = too many tears to want to count = 6 pregnancies = 4 births = 2 baby funerals = 2 healthy kids = too many moves to count = quite a few arguments = quite a few reasons for make-up sex = 3 mattress sets (HA!) = the most wonderful/trying/happy/wouldn’t-change-a-thing years of my life.

It’s amazing to look back on this past decade and see where we were, what we’ve been through and where we are now. Some days I think that 21 was so young to be married but then again why does it matter?  I knew I loved this man from our first date (a blind date at that!).  I wish I had that email I sent my mom after our date.  I’m sure she could tell by that short few sentence rambling that her daughter was head-over-heels.  I’ll never forget the proposal just 3 months from that email. He wanted it to be more special but it had been raining so going to the scenic canyon in our college town was out of the question, plus I had a heart monitor on and was feeling sorry for myself.  He didn’t know that no matter where he asked it would be special.  It was hard chosing the date we would get married.  I wanted it in May but that month for our families was difficult.  Sean’s dad had passed away in May and my step-sister had been killed in a car accident that month too.  Figuring out a date on a Saturday in May that wouldn’t always have negative thoughts was hard.  We managed to do so and the planning began.

In May 2000 we had a totally unconventional yet fun wedding.  We were outside by the museum in my small hometown, we stood in front of the old building that said “Justice of the Peace” which was fitting since we had a JP marry us!  My bridesmaids were barefoot…the poor girls I’m sure that was uncomfy.  I wore white tennis shoes that had been painted before at our rehearsal. I wore lavender ruffled socks even! After our short ceremony we partied at my grandparent’s house, which was also the house I lived in during high school. It was perfect…perfect for us.  Hell, we had a keg, which by the way, my mom stood by with her cigar and got schnockered!  Good times…

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Our honeymoon followed, we went to Cancun and had a blast. We played mini golf at our resort with gigantic lizards! I got sunburned pretty badly so that made sex interesting! LOL…(sorry Dad…I’m sure you didn’t want to hear that). The shitty part about the trip was our flight was messed up on the way home and we were stranded in the Mexican airport for a VERY long time.  Sean slept on the floor, I, however, couldn’t sleep because I was afraid I’d be stolen and sold for sex or some shit like that.  But we made it back home and began our crazy life together.

All this rambling is just that; rambling.  Smiling and laughing as I write this because I remember everything about those days.  Luckily the laughter hasn’t gone away.  Yes there’s more grey hair, my boobs sag to my waist, I have stretch marks that weren’t there 10 years ago, I also have 70lbs that wasn’t there in 2000 but there is more laughter, more kisses and more love than a decade ago.

Here’s to the next 10 years and the next and the next…


One Response to “Where the hell?!”

  1. Caroline May 20, 2010 at 7:33 pm #

    Happy Anniversary, my bloggy bestest 😀

    Don’t think of your boobs as saggy, think of them as more voluptuous 😉

    Hope you celebrate in a slightly-less-sunburnt but just as loving way 😉

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