What can I rub?

1 Jul

I had a dream about a week ago and it’s stuck with me and got me to thinking.  In my dream I “found” a genie, a hot one too, not like Robin Williams in “Aladdin”. I got the usual 3 wishes from the hot genie. Those wishes were really easy and even now that I’m awake and coherent I would stick by my choices.

My first wish was for $50mil. I even said I wanted the paperwork needed to file taxes on my $50mil…see how honest I am even in dreams?! I figured after taxes were paid that would still leave me with about half of the original wish. I could so use $25 million!

The second wish was a little harder. I wanted to make sure all my family and friends were taken care of, so I wished that all of their debt was gone…wiped clean and their credit scores were GREAT. This would include mortgages paid off, credit card debt, student loans, cars paid for in full, everything. But see, I’d still have my cool $25m so I’d go to every family member and give them some too. I’d need to find out how much I could gift them without THEM having to pay taxes but I had it all figured in my dream! LOL

And the third was pretty damn selfish (well, I know the first was too). I wished to be 135lbs and never be able to go over 145lbs again.  This way I could eat what I wanted but still only be as high as 145lbs.  I was going to wish for a tummy tuck and boob job but I figured that would be overkill since I did have my $25 million to play with now that all my debt was paid off, so I could at least pay for my plastic surgery.

You should sense a theme in my wishes…money. Sean and I have been really re-thinking our finances lately. It’s so frustrating because he makes really pretty good money and I bring home a little from disability each month.  But for some reason we’re struggling more now than ever. I’m sure it has to do with having a 2nd child to feed/clothe/diaper but that’s not all. We’re really bad about spending what we make and living paycheck to paycheck because of it.  I’m also super spoiled; when I see something I want, I usually get it. So to fix all this we’re changing the way we do things around here.  Starting with this next paycheck we’re paying all bills with our debit cards (which is what we always do anyway) but then we’re taking them out of our wallets and putting them up.  Credit cards have already been cut up too.  We will have an “allowance” each week in cash.  Once that cash is gone, it’s gone. No grabbing the ATM card and getting more, no using the debit card for this and that…we’re done.  My “allowance” each week is a little more than Sean’s but that’s only because I go grocery shopping with mine, so after spending over $150/2wks I’ll have less play money than Sean does.  Also, extras are going bye-bye.  Including my Wine Biz…if I don’t get at least 2 tastings this month that make over $300 then I’m done as of August 1st. I’m kind of bummed about that but I’ve spent more money than I made and it’s not worth it right now.  I think it’s the area we live in but wine is not a “priority” here and if it is then those people can just go to the grocery store and buy a $10 bottle and get it right then than spend $20 and wait 7-10 days.  I can’t blame them, even though this is the best wine I’ve had, but some days I feel the same way about running to the store.

I do have a scrapbook retreat planned and I’m using my  weekly allowance to pay that off and save to go in October. I figure if I cut everything else out, I freakin’ deserve it! Plus I never get to spend time with my sis, just the two of us doing something we totally enjoy, so this will be something special for us. Annnd, if you remember I was going to upgrade my website and make it all “me”.  Well, that was gonna cost me about $200 plus what I’d have to spend at WP to upgrade.  That ain’t gonna happen. I’ll just deal with the templates that WP has, plus it’s not like I make money from this site so it doesn’t need to look professional.

There’s always a possibility of us moving because of Sean’s job and he’s been applying to places all over this state and Oklahoma.  It’d be so much better if we’d have more than our usual cushion in case we need to move.  I want the kids to have a great Christmas. I want Kenna to have new school clothes this year, she needs uniform shorts and pants since she’s gotten taller and a wee-bit bigger.  Jaylon is growing like a weed so he always needs new clothes. I’m tired of not being able to provide for my family and having to figure out if we can afford clothes this week or wait until next week.  Hopefully after even just a month of this we’ll have doubled our “cushion” and just keep adding to it.

All this budgeting sucks but I know how much better it’ll be. But in the meantime, where’s a bottle I can rub?

* edited to add: For my family members reading this, don’t worry! We’re ok financially and can pay all the bills and feed everyone we just don’t have any extra income that we’re used to and don’t have the cash to play with anymore. LOL


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