CK Summer Camp!

12 Jul

Ok, so this is a quickie but if you LOVE scrapbooking you have to sign up for CK’s Summer Camp. It’s totally free and already so much fun. I’ll update this post with new pages and merit badges that I get, so get ready!

Well, camp is over and it was so much fun. Every day there were two challenges to get two badges. I ended up completing all of them and getting 5 pages done in the meantime! I hadn’t scrapbooked in forever so it was nice to “have a reason” to do it, since I’m competitive I had to go for all 10 badges. I’m happy with the pages that I did and I did a few things that I never would have tried if it weren’t for camp. This is the 2nd year CK has done it and apparently there will be another week long camp of some sort coming up soon. I think I’ll do it again. 🙂


Badges: I got all 10!

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