Lookie who’s blogging!

14 Aug

Excuses, excuses, I know. But I seriously have had lots of stuff going on the past few weeks. First thing is the kids and I have been on a nice little vacay visiting my family in the TX panhandle and in OK. It’s nice, I don’t get to see everyone too often because we’re just too far away. So this trip we’re totally making it count. We’ll be gone for 14 days total and have plenty of time to visit all the people we can. Sure the driving sucks, and Jay’s sleeping has been outta whack but I really don’t care.

I’m at my Sis’ house now and totally enjoying our time together and all the kids are having a blast. See, we had babies like stair steps…the ages we have right now are 1, 5, 6, 8 and 15.  We’ve gone swimming and bowling, they’ve made “dirt cups”, they’ve played their Nintendo DS games and I’m sure there’s been a few fights. But it really is nice that they’re all so close in age, they entertain each other.  Now, the 15 year old entertains me. He’s a hoot. Yes, he’s a teenager and can be an ass sometimes but he’s honestly a good kid. We have this ritual where we watch stupid scary movies and either laugh or make fun of them together.  What 15 year old boy wants to hang out with his Aunt and Mom? Yeah…great kid.

AND with all this traveling I’ve been chatting with Sean a lot lately.  See, he’s got lots going too and it’s going to change our lives in the next few months. He got a new job in a wonderful town in East TX. He had nothing but great things to say about it when he went there for the interview and I can’t wait to see it for myself.  It’s a great move for him and we’re really excited to see what it’ll bring for our family.  Kenna is happy about new friends, I’m happy because the school’s dress code is almost the same as her current one. Jay is too young to care but I’m sure he’s happy too! HA! We’ll be moving early October, great time honestly…not too hot but not too cold and rainy. I’ve only driven through that part of Texas once and it was beautiful, I cannot wait to call it home for a long while! Oooh and another awesome part, we’ll finally be closer to family again! I’ll be about 4.5 hrs from my Sissy and Daddio and about 7 hrs from my Ma. I’m totally stoked.

See, we’ve been crazy busy and running around all over Texas and Oklahoma AND my hubby’s been busy changing jobs. I’ll post some pics of our little vacay soon. Wish us luck with the insane-ness!


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