Persnickety love – a GIVEAWAY!

7 Sep

My first giveaway, people! Can you believe it?  I really think you’re going to love it.

If you print pictures, scrapbook pages or pretty much anything you have GOT to try Persnickety Prints. I have used about 3 printing companies online and have always been pleased with what I got in the mail. Those companies do OK work and it was always something that I thought was “good enough”. That was until I tried Persnickety Prints last week. I placed an order for 15 scrapbook pages (12×12) on Thursday and got my prints on Saturday! When I opened them, I teared up a little, not gonna lie. The colors were amazing, exactly what I saw on my computer when I made the pages. There was no white edge around my page. They were not blurry. They were vibrant and perfect. I seriously could go on and on but I don’t have a thesaurus near me. And to my surprise when a tear fell on my page it didn’t ruin it! I had no clue the prints were waterproof too!

Along with the beauty and perfection of these pages, I saved a ton too! I was paying well over $2 a page when I’d print them off through the other companies PLUS shipping per page. It was a bank-breaker just to print out my memories. When I put in my 15 pages online through Persnickety I held my breath when I hit “checkout”. Let me tell you how much my debit card sighed when I realized how inexpensive they are!  $1.99 for a 12×12 and a flat $5 shipping! Holy crap yall…at that price I can “re-print” the pages that I was just “ok” with from the other people!

So, why am I just gushing over this company?  Well, because they are the best. Here’s why (direct from their website)…

Persnickety Prints is a professional photo lab & studio. We are persnickety about every detail & have been printing for over 20 years.
We specialize in printing full bleed (no white borders) digital scrapbook pages.
True, photographic paper is still far superior to the digital printing process which use inks or other press printing processes, and because we use state of the art technology that sends us the embedded color profile of your file, we print exactly how you intend. If your file doesn’t have an embedded profile, it defaults to RGB.
We also still use a Darkroom, do you?
Our lab techs are able to make your pictures lighter, darker and improve the color saturation. They can add a bit of contrast or density to make your page elements nearly 3 dimensional. They inspect every page before it is shipped to you, to make sure it is perfect. We spend many hours setting our machines just right to avoid “overlaying” bleed problems. Rest assured that we look at your borders and can print so close to that edge that its near unbelievable, test us!
You can see a comparison on our blog here.
If you don’t want any type of optimizations made, please specify at checkout.

Persnickety Prints uses the best silver halide printing systems. These prints are processed through the same chemicals as old film pictures, and with our pro fuji crystal photo paper are the most archival. Since it is completely a chemical process, there’s no ink to run or bleed. Your pages are waterproof and scratch resistant. These type of prints will last hundreds of years if stored properly in acid free photo albums and in photo frames away from direct sunlight.

Seriously, they still use a DARKROOM people! They inspect every page before they ship them to you! You can’t beat personal service like that especially at that crazy low price! I’m smitten, I’m in love and I’ve found my printer for my scrapbook pages and any pictures I need to print!

Because Persnickety Prints is awesome, I’m giving away a $25 gift certificate! You can print 4x6s, you can print 12×12, you can print CD calendars, you can print a 24×36, you can even do your Christmas cards; whatever your heart desires! And trust me, you WILL NOT be bummed when you open your package!

So, you’re probably wondering a few things…1) How can I enter and feel the Persnickety love? and 2) Is Persnickety paying you, Melanie?

My answers are simple. To enter; leave a comment on this post answering the question ‘What do you look for in an online printer?”; tweet “I want to feel the #Persnickety love! @MommaPate is having a giveaway and I just entered.“; and blog about this giveaway.

Comment on this post = 1 entry

Tweet = 1 entry PER day! If you tweet this every day of the giveaway, that’s 7 ENTRIES! (copy and paste the bolded tweet above, see how easy I make it!)

Blog = 1 entry

If you do all of the above in the one week this giveaway is going on then you’ll get 9 entries to win a $25 gift cert to Persnickety Prints! Once you tweet or blog about the giveaway leave another comment on this post with your link to be counted. Clear as mud?

And your answer to #2, no I’m not getting paid and was not given the gift certificate from Persnickety. The gift cert is being paid for by my debit card with my husband’s money (thank you Sean!). HA! One thing that Persnickety did give me was a DISCOUNT CODE for all my readers! I’m tellin’ ya, how awesome are they? The code is for 10% off your order and it’s good until Oct. 1st.  Here ya go: PP318c5705

* Giveaway runs from Tuesday. Sept. 7 to Tuesday, Sept. 14 at 3pm CST. At 3:05pm CST I will go through the entries and random number generator will be kind enough to pick the winner.

* Your comment will not show up right away but trust me, it’s there!

* When you comment make sure your CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS is entered. This is how I’ll make sure it’s you and you’ll get your gift cert. It will not be shown to anyone.

* Winner will be announced after the winner has been contacted and they holler back at me.

* One comment, 7 tweets, one blog entry only will be counted for a possible total of 9 entries.

* For tweets and blog entry to be counted you MUST comment back on this post with a link to said entry and tweet.

* Persnickety Prints doesn’t know who I am, only that I’m some insane blogger who emailed them on Saturday after getting my prints and begged for a discount code.

* Discount code is for 10% and good until Dec. 1st. It’s also easier to cut and paste that baby into your cart.

* Enjoy your prints!


7 Responses to “Persnickety love – a GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Teri September 7, 2010 at 7:45 am #

    I want quality photos at a good price. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Laser September 7, 2010 at 10:22 am #

    Definitely quality is at the top of my list. I want the colors to be true. Of course the mot reasonable cost is a top consideration too and you seem to have discovered a printer who excels at both.

  3. Jana Millershaski September 7, 2010 at 1:02 pm #

    I want nice, clear, vibrant prints that pop off the page. Am definitely headed over to check them out. Thanks!

  4. Michelle September 7, 2010 at 1:11 pm #

    I just want my pics to look like they do on my computer!

  5. Kelly September 7, 2010 at 1:41 pm #

    Gosh, I’ve been looking for quality prints for quite sometime. True color quality is so important & service with a smile is so nice, too! Thank you for all the helpful info.

  6. Dani September 7, 2010 at 10:34 pm #

    The first thing I always look for is whether a company does 12X12 photo books.

  7. dearkatestudios September 13, 2010 at 3:39 pm #

    Ooooh! Too cool! Thanks for the chance to win!

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