Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

14 Sep

Ok, so the winner DIDN’T get a chicken dinner but she does get a $25 gift cert to my favorite place ever to print off my layouts…PERSNICKETY PRINTS!

So, there you go, entry #6, Dani answered the question:

The first thing I always look for is whether a company does 12X12 photo books.

Congrats Dani, Persnickety does do a 12×12 photo book and this gift cert will help cover the cost of your own beautiful creation!

I do have a change in the contest though. Because Persnickety is awesome and their customer service is so completely 100% rockin’, they contacted me and said they’d be happy to pay for the gift cert I was giving away!!!!!  I had every intention on buying it myself but they are going to take care of that get it to the winner themselves. That just shows what kind of company this is…oh and my husband’s debit card thanks them!  What this means for you is that I plan on having another Persnickety giveaway again, because now I have $25 burning a hole in my wallet! LOL

And DO NOT forget about the discount code, it’s good until Oct. 1st and it’ll save you 10% if you use it. PP318c5705

Thank you to everyone who entered and tweeted about the giveaway. It was my first but won’t be the last, trust me!

One Response to “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

  1. Dani September 15, 2010 at 11:13 pm #

    Just wanted to say another big thanks!!!

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