Let’s be serious

4 Jan

Yesterday’s post was pretty heavy and tear inducing but we need to discuss something serious again today.

My Kobo E-reader.


I got it for Christmas and I love it, I’m enamored by it, I’m infatuated by it. It rarely leaves my side and has replaced my family. Ok, not quite the family part but it sure has become part of my family. I told Sean I wanted a Nook or a Kindle or something and he actually listened and came through (that’s a first with gifting, btw!). I will say right now that I know nothing about the Nook or the Kindle, I don’t know how the two compare or don’t, how easy they are or if you need an advanced IT degree just to understand how to turn it on.

My Kobo is super easy, it’s so lightweight I can carry it in my purse, it’s soft on the back so it’s nice to hold on to (and yes, I have a tendency to “stroke” the quilting when reading a super intense part of a book) and has WiFi/phone app/desktop app. Since my WiFi sucks at the house (i.e. nonexistent) I haven’t tried that out yet but I download the books via my desktop and sync my Kobo easily. I love the “pod” to move menu selections, flip pages and chose text. I love the dictionary feature; so helpful when having a brain fart and cannot remember what in the world “matriculate” means. There are millions of books to chose from and you get over 100 free that are automatically on your Kobo when you start it up, granted I do NOT want to read some of those books ever again but hey, they’re there if I do. The prices are pretty reasonable too, the most expensive I’ve downloaded was $10 for a NEW RELEASE!

So, here’s where the seriousness comes into play; I need suggestions! I’ve made a new page called “Kobo” and you can see what I’ve read, what I’m reading now and what I’m going to read. I’d love some ideas on what books I should queue up and get ready to sink into. You can leave a comment here or on that page, it doesn’t matter. I will read most books but please no cheesy romance novels, you know the kind with Fabio half-naked on the cover with windblown hair and some equally half-dressed woman holding onto his leg/chest/arm! I’m usually a suspense, mystery or horror type of gal; step away from Fabio!

And I need a name for my Kobo. I can’t just call her Kobo all the time. She needs a cute but easy name that rolls off the tongue and I’m at a loss. Leave those comments here too.


One Response to “Let’s be serious”

  1. Elisha January 17, 2011 at 7:42 pm #

    SO glad you love your ereader! I keep my Nook with me ALL the time and if I can’t, I just hop on the Nook app on my phone. B says I read too much. Does Kobo allow you to sideload epub or pdf files? If so, you should check to see if your library offers ebooks. I still have my OK library access and I also found a library in FL that you don’t have to be a resident to use. Let me know if you want the info 🙂

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