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Holy crap, does this blog still work?

24 Jun

I mean, it’s only been a year and a half since I wrote anything. Guess that means I don’t have much of a life or a reader base anymore.

Let’s see, in the past 18 months what all has happened;
1. Stuff with kids
2. Stuff with family
3. Stuff with life

That pretty much sums that up. My kids are huge and I continuously tell my daughter to stop growing. The boy got rid of the paci and potty trained all in 6 months. I’m still a SAHM but hopefully not for too much longer. I have a job interview this week and I’d really like this job, mainly to feel like I contribute to the family and so I’m around adults again. Cross your fingers for me.

I’ve started on my weight loss journey again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, again. I KNOW! I tried to do the surgical route but my insurance decided to be assholes, so now I’m doing it the “old fashioned” way. I’ve been on the journey since early-April and I’m down 23lbs. I’m down 3 sizes and already feel better about myself. I work out 6 days a week and actually miss it if I don’t go to the gym. Which is completely 100% strange for me. My sis also now got me hooked on Zumba. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but we went together at my gym while she was visiting and I’ve been back since (2x a week). I LOVE it. I love dancing (hello, have you read my blog?) and I feel so good/sweaty/accomplished when that hour is done. If I keep up this whole “blogging” thing that I suck at, I’m sure this will turn into a weight loss blog (yeah, another).

Family is awesome. I’ve never been happier and I love where I/we are right now. We did have a loss though. In January we had to put down our baby, Hopie, the shih-tzu. She helped me get through Avery’s (our first baby) death. Putting her down due to age and illness brought back that pain and it hurt bad. I hadn’t cried like that in a long time. We had gotten a Boston Terrier the summer before, so luckily we have her to love on, but we still miss our Hopie.

Health, eh. I’m healthier than I have been, I think. But the ankles still suck. I fell on Christmas Eve and broke a bone in my ankle and got another 3rd degree sprain. The good thing, the ER was surprisingly slow on Christmas Eve and so my wait time was nil. Saw an orthopod and was in a boot. All is well now. My RSD leg still hurts. Guess it always will. Temperature changes, socks, air, touching still suck too.

Hmpf, I guess that’s all. The way I write I may not be back until January 2014 and by then I’ll weigh 140lbs. Ha!


I need toddler sized safety gear

6 Nov

I swear, this boy is gonna be the death of me. Sure, Kenna fell, tripped and got bumps and bruises but NEVER did she need to be taken to the ER or make me worry if she’s got a concussion.

First off on Halloween, we were trick-or-treating and having a grand old time. Sean was letting Jay run around and Jay tripped. He cried, even when Sean picked him up which is a little unusual. But the fall didn’t look that bad, he did have his hand stuck inside his costume so he couldn’t break his fall. But after a few minutes he stopped crying and went to the next house.

We get home and I get Jay into his PJs and notice something on his tooth. I figured it was a hair or something. NOPE…Jaylon broke his tooth! His front top tooth, all the way in half. I have no clue how it was still attached. So, we loaded up and went to the ER. They did nothing, not even contact the on call dentist. They just referred us to a local pediatric dentist and sent us on our merry way.

As soon as they opened on Monday morning I called and they had us come in, saying we may have to wait for a bit. Luckily we didn’t have to, they got us in in about 10 minutes! They did a quick x-ray and the dentist came in and took a look. Then looked at the xray again, then took another look. Decided that his teeth looked great but that one was broken all the way through horizontally AND broken vertically in the back, so it had to come out. He thought about sedating him if he needed more work done but since this was his only problem decided to just numb him up and pull it.

See, here’s the deal, I don’t do teeth. Let me just say that again…I DON’T DO TEETH! When I was younger my mom pulled a bottom tooth that was NOT supposed to come out yet, thinking it was the super wiggly one. I trace my tooth-aversion to that day, since I was like 6-7 and totally remember everything she said/did!  UGH…

I explained to the doc that I just can’t handle teeth but I’d stay in there if I could. He laughed and said that was fine and walked me through what needed to be done. As soon as the first shot happened and Jay screamed like I’ve never heard him scream and the blood started…I about hurled. The doc looked at me (I’m now white as a sheet, nauseated and tearing up) and laughed and said “why don’t you just wait out there, I don’t want to fix one of your teeth after you pass out”. Then said the nicest thing…”no one will think you’re a bad mom if you leave him with us. He’s in good hands, I will treat him like he’s my son.” UGH, made me cry more.

5 minutes later Jay came out bloodied all to hell. He was laughing and playing with the nurses until he saw me, then he cried! LOL…little shit would not leave the gauze in, so he bled everywhere.

Turns out the tooth was cracked all the way up inside his gums to his nerve. I’m glad the doc decided it needed to be pulled.

Fast forward to today. I leave to go get dinner because I never cook on Saturdays, don’t ask, just something that we always do.  So, Kenna and I leave to get the food. When we get home Jay is pissy, which is normal for him because he hasn’t eaten yet and OMG, it’s already 5:30, where is my dinner woman? He’s pretty fussy through all of dinner time. I see a new bruise on his forehead and Sean tells me he fell outside. Nothing new there. I swear the boy can’t walk 5 steps without tripping over himself. I didn’t really freak out until I was cleaning him up and notice the marble sized bump on his head. UGH…so I pick him up and love on him a little. I get his PJs on and milk and we cuddle. He’s acting fine but now I’ll worry all night that he’s got a concussion! LOL

I’m not sure if I’m just overly paranoid because he’s my boy and he really wasn’t even supposed to be here, or maybe I know that while all children are miracles, he truly is one…I dunno but I freak every time the kid hurts himself, which is usually every 30 minutes or so. Sean is annoyed by it, I’m sure he thinks I’m making Jay a wus and maybe I am…but SERIOUSLY…a head injury! LOL I know, I know, I am being way too protective, hell even with Kenna I’m different (see: Are you bleeding? No. Then you’re fine.)

Anyway, I will need every sort of insurance you can get on someone. I have a feeling by the time Jay is grown and we’re not responsible for medical bills any more and he will start to pay his own, we’ll have paid enough to actually OWN the hospital!

Here’s Jay now, btw. It’s the best pic I can get of him since it’s impossible to get him to stop and let me take a pic.

Why, yes it is!

14 Jun

A bulleted post, I know you’re happy.  See, I’ve just let so much time go by without blogging that the only way to kind of catch up is to bullet it.

  • Hazel was NOT a hernia. In fact, the bitch was a nasty abscess. How do I know this? Well, she exploded last week and it was nasty; I was soaked with goo. It didn’t hurt, actually the opposite. It felt so much better. I cleaned it really good and had to keep a band-aid on it for about a week since she was still oozing. It’s still purple-ish but I’m afraid it will be for a while. I have no clue how or why I got one of these but I sure in the shit don’t want one again.
  • Kenna’s out of school and has been one busy Bebe.  Softball all-stars practice, tournaments, ballet class, rehearsals and then recital. Now all that’s left is softball. Recital was last night and she did beautifully! She looked so pretty and wasn’t nervous at all. I was quite proud!
  • Jay is standing on his own now and is quite proud of himself.  He still holds on quite a bit but at least he’s learning how to balance a little more.  And he took 3 steps! However, he now thinks it’s fun to not move his legs but fall forward so I catch him.  He’s also sick right now, snotty nose and cough, not fun!
  • I’m at 200.1lbs…I mean I’m so damn close but last week I didn’t even lose 1lb! To shake things up a tad I’m going to take a ballet class in July, maybe that’ll help the weight come off! I miss dancing so much and I really hope my ankle can handle it.  We’ll see I guess!
  • I had a great tasting this weekend. No new tastings booked from it right now though.  I have 2-3 that may come from it but not until July and Aug/Sept. I’m a little frustrated ’cause now I’m done…no tastings booked at all and I’ve already tapped out friends around here. I don’t have many friends anyway and the ones I do don’t drink or like wine.  Oh well. I mainly did this for fun and to get out of the house every once in a while but it’d be nice to make some bank doing it!
  • I think that’s all. I needed to write a post but just not feeling it. My book has stalled because I just don’t have the energy right now to sit and type it.  I have good ideas for it and I think I know where I want to take it but just need to “umpf” to do it.
  • It’s 7:36 and I’m going to have a glass of wine and go to bed soon!

And her name shall be Hazel

1 Jun

My family is just a leeeetle-bit strange. We march to different drummers most of us, hell I dance and boogie to mine. We know what each other is thinking before it’s spoken.  We know when one is about the call another.  I’m not sure if all families do this but me, my ma, my sis and my gramma do and it’s nice because it’s our little “sixth sense” and we know when someone needs us or just wants to chat.

But this post isn’t about our ESP(n)…no, this post is about how freaky-deaky we are.

We NAME our ailments. My mom has Chloe the Clot, my sis has way too many to name (I remember she named a hemorrhoid once before; she’ll love me for posting about that, BTW!) and I have had quite a few myself; most recently being Scar Tissue Tessie and Kelly Keloid.  But you see, it turns out that Tessie and Kelly are the same and I was wrong about them.

It seems as though Tessie and Kelly are actually Hazel the Hernia.  I could be wrong again though since I haven’t seen a doc about Tessie/Kelly/Hazel but with my recent degree as Doctor of Googleology I have diagnosed myself. I could probably perform my own surgery is she weren’t in such a precarious position.

See, I have had two c-sections and Hazel popped up right above my scar. She’s been protruding for a few months and she’s now hurting and turning an angry shade of purple/red.  What my degree (M.D.G) has shown me is that when they get angry it’s not any good really. Could mean a few things and I won’t think about those things because my luck I’ll end up with a damn colostomy bag. Thank goodness Sis is a nurse, she can come clean me up after I shit myself, which will happen because I also have no gall bladder so I already shit myself but now it’ll just be in a bag!

Whoa…look at that tangent I went on. That’s the nice thing about people not reading your blog, you can just write whatever and NO ONE will read it! LOL Kidding, people do read my blog and either I’ve lost them forever now or I’ve gained way too many who love reading about shit and shit-in-a-bag.

Anyway, back to Hazel.  We’ll have to plan a trip to the ER one day and get Hazel taken care of, sooner rather than later. She’s causing me quite a bit of pain and she’s just not sexy to look at. Who am I kiddin’? I can’t even see her without a mirror ’cause my obese self has a huge fat roll. But that’s another blog for another day. My ma and Chris have already said they’d come down and take me back to their home so I can recoup.  This is a good thing since I won’t be able to pick up my sweet chubby Bubby for a week or more.

So, why am I telling you about Hazel oh readers of my interweb thingy…all so I can show you a pic that I promised on Twitter last night. I really wanted to clone Hazel out of my pic and place her on a pic of someone hot…some model…but figured I’d be sued and all that jazz so I just went ahead and Picnik’ed the picture to add some lovely black rectangles ’cause I KNOW you don’t want to see it all! Without further ado:

You can’t really get what this is all about in a pic but it’ll give you some idea. This will also give you an idea of how badly I need a TAN!

Croup and scrapbooking

2 Feb

Ok, so those don’t really go together at all but I thought I’d throw them into one post! LOL

#1. Jay has croup.  He sounds horrible and I know doesn’t feel well.  My poor Bubba.  He’s been napping for over an hour, which if you’ve read my shit you know he takes 30min power naps!  So, 1+hr is crazy!  We got him some steroids today after seeing the doc, hopefully it’ll kick in fast and he’ll start feeling better.  He is 29inches long and weighs 23.4 lbs!  My big-ol-boy!

#2. One of my fave scrapbooking sites (Shabby Princess) has their February calendar posted!  It’s CUTE CUTE CUTE!  I think it’s one of my favorite desktop calendars EVER!  Go download it!

Ding, ding, ding

1 Feb

The fight is on people!  I got notice on Saturday that my work comp benefits were ending due to the designated doctor being a dumbass.  Now, I’m sure that wasn’t the ACTUAL diagnosis but it’s pretty close!

So today I called my insurance adjuster and he’s out of the office, so I called the state department of insurance work comp division and started the appeals process.  I go to my treating doctor, both of them, and see if they agree or disagree with the findings from the designated doctor (aka DD or dumbass doc).  Then we go from there.

I have no problem seeing my docs again, they understand and know what I’ve been through.  I’m not hiding or trying to screw the insurance company, so they are in for a fight.  I’ve also been on hold, until being hung up on thanks to long hold times, with social security since I’m approved for disability.  Hmpf, this is never what I wanted, this is never what I thought would happen at 30 years old.  But it’s what I’ve been dealt and what I have to deal with!

In a funk

9 Jul

Ok, so I’ve had problems with depression since Avery was born (2001).  I’ve used meds and have no problem saying that.  They helped me through some tough emotions, some made me foggy, some actually made me not care, some really did help.  I’m not on any right now, although I so should be.  Along with the depression I also fight RSD, which is a complex regional pain.  Which bums me out since I can’t do the things I used to.

So, the past few days I’ve been in a funk.  My son is teething already, yeah he’s 11 wks old, and not sleeping or eating well, so that means I don’t sleep well.  My daughter is driving me nuts with her attitude, which stresses me out.  When my husband gets home from work he totally tries to help but Jay usually won’t have much to do with him, especially when he’s hurting or upset.  So I never have time to myself…I don’t even pee alone.  This is enough to push me to the edge! LOL

My sister usually is the one to get me out of my pity party but recently I can’t even bring myself to pick up the phone.  Probably because I have a screaming child in my arms and that hinders the phone convo!

I’m headed to see family and spend some quality beach time with my sisters in a few weeks and damn I cannot wait!  My mom is keeping the kids while we go to Florida, and although I love my children with all my heart…I need a damn break, complete with alcohol!