Let’s be serious

4 Jan

Yesterday’s post was pretty heavy and tear inducing but we need to discuss something serious again today.

My Kobo E-reader.


I got it for Christmas and I love it, I’m enamored by it, I’m infatuated by it. It rarely leaves my side and has replaced my family. Ok, not quite the family part but it sure has become part of my family. I told Sean I wanted a Nook or a Kindle or something and he actually listened and came through (that’s a first with gifting, btw!). I will say right now that I know nothing about the Nook or the Kindle, I don’t know how the two compare or don’t, how easy they are or if you need an advanced IT degree just to understand how to turn it on.

My Kobo is super easy, it’s so lightweight I can carry it in my purse, it’s soft on the back so it’s nice to hold on to (and yes, I have a tendency to “stroke” the quilting when reading a super intense part of a book) and has WiFi/phone app/desktop app. Since my WiFi sucks at the house (i.e. nonexistent) I haven’t tried that out yet but I download the books via my desktop and sync my Kobo easily. I love the “pod” to move menu selections, flip pages and chose text. I love the dictionary feature; so helpful when having a brain fart and cannot remember what in the world “matriculate” means. There are millions of books to chose from and you get over 100 free that are automatically on your Kobo when you start it up, granted I do NOT want to read some of those books ever again but hey, they’re there if I do. The prices are pretty reasonable too, the most expensive I’ve downloaded was $10 for a NEW RELEASE!

So, here’s where the seriousness comes into play; I need suggestions! I’ve made a new page called “Kobo” and you can see what I’ve read, what I’m reading now and what I’m going to read. I’d love some ideas on what books I should queue up and get ready to sink into. You can leave a comment here or on that page, it doesn’t matter. I will read most books but please no cheesy romance novels, you know the kind with Fabio half-naked on the cover with windblown hair and some equally half-dressed woman holding onto his leg/chest/arm! I’m usually a suspense, mystery or horror type of gal; step away from Fabio!

And I need a name for my Kobo. I can’t just call her Kobo all the time. She needs a cute but easy name that rolls off the tongue and I’m at a loss. Leave those comments here too.


A friend

3 Jan

I have a friend whom I met almost 10 years ago, yet I’ve only ever seen her in person two times. We met on an online message board about pregnancy and infant loss. I was mourning the loss of Avery and wasn’t sure where to turn or what to do or how to think or…well, you get the idea, I was lost. In some sick way it was a comfort reading about these other ladies that were going through something similar to what I was, see; I wasn’t the only one dealing with this.

I’m not sure what made me read her story but I felt a blow to my gut when I read her story. Her full term son was born with an umbilical cord issue (I won’t even try to explain it), he lived for a few days and died in his mother’s arms. I felt so sorry for her that she and her hubby had to decide to disconnect life support for their son. I felt that she was going through something so much worse than I was. I sat and wondered what would be easier; a stillborn whom you never get to see alive or a full term baby who is a live for days (weeks, months) and you have to decide when the “right” time to say goodbye is.

The first time we met we sat up drinking, laughing and bawling by a hotel pool. We had this instant connection, something all the other mommy’s there with us couldn’t understand. I told her how I felt, how awful I felt for her. We hugged and cried and laughed and drank some more. She told me later something that I’ll never forget;

It does not matter how long you know your child; if you see them breathing, if they talk to you or if you feel them in your womb, they are still your child and it still hurts like hell when they leave.

So true.

So, here’s to Corbyn, my friend’s baby boy. He would be 10 years old today. You’ve touched more lives than you know and I thank you. Now, enjoy your birthday cake with Avery and Jackson for me.

Bad blogger…

2 Jan

I’ve been a bad blogger, actually at this point, I’m pretty sure you can say that I haven’t even BEEN a blogger in months.

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, just another thing for me to forget and push aside after a while, but I will try and write more in 2011. We’ve been dealing with so much sickness lately and I feel like we’re always “go-go-go” around here that the thought of sitting at a computer unloading all the days mundane activities wears me out more!

I’ll have a couple Christmas pics to upload and a few NYE pics too (we were wild and crazy and went to the Zoo! LOL). I’ll update you on the kids and my new obsession (my Kobo e-reader!) and all kinds of stuff. But for now I wanted to hop in and say hi while the 2nd load of laundry is in the washer.

I need toddler sized safety gear

6 Nov

I swear, this boy is gonna be the death of me. Sure, Kenna fell, tripped and got bumps and bruises but NEVER did she need to be taken to the ER or make me worry if she’s got a concussion.

First off on Halloween, we were trick-or-treating and having a grand old time. Sean was letting Jay run around and Jay tripped. He cried, even when Sean picked him up which is a little unusual. But the fall didn’t look that bad, he did have his hand stuck inside his costume so he couldn’t break his fall. But after a few minutes he stopped crying and went to the next house.

We get home and I get Jay into his PJs and notice something on his tooth. I figured it was a hair or something. NOPE…Jaylon broke his tooth! His front top tooth, all the way in half. I have no clue how it was still attached. So, we loaded up and went to the ER. They did nothing, not even contact the on call dentist. They just referred us to a local pediatric dentist and sent us on our merry way.

As soon as they opened on Monday morning I called and they had us come in, saying we may have to wait for a bit. Luckily we didn’t have to, they got us in in about 10 minutes! They did a quick x-ray and the dentist came in and took a look. Then looked at the xray again, then took another look. Decided that his teeth looked great but that one was broken all the way through horizontally AND broken vertically in the back, so it had to come out. He thought about sedating him if he needed more work done but since this was his only problem decided to just numb him up and pull it.

See, here’s the deal, I don’t do teeth. Let me just say that again…I DON’T DO TEETH! When I was younger my mom pulled a bottom tooth that was NOT supposed to come out yet, thinking it was the super wiggly one. I trace my tooth-aversion to that day, since I was like 6-7 and totally remember everything she said/did!  UGH…

I explained to the doc that I just can’t handle teeth but I’d stay in there if I could. He laughed and said that was fine and walked me through what needed to be done. As soon as the first shot happened and Jay screamed like I’ve never heard him scream and the blood started…I about hurled. The doc looked at me (I’m now white as a sheet, nauseated and tearing up) and laughed and said “why don’t you just wait out there, I don’t want to fix one of your teeth after you pass out”. Then said the nicest thing…”no one will think you’re a bad mom if you leave him with us. He’s in good hands, I will treat him like he’s my son.” UGH, made me cry more.

5 minutes later Jay came out bloodied all to hell. He was laughing and playing with the nurses until he saw me, then he cried! LOL…little shit would not leave the gauze in, so he bled everywhere.

Turns out the tooth was cracked all the way up inside his gums to his nerve. I’m glad the doc decided it needed to be pulled.

Fast forward to today. I leave to go get dinner because I never cook on Saturdays, don’t ask, just something that we always do.  So, Kenna and I leave to get the food. When we get home Jay is pissy, which is normal for him because he hasn’t eaten yet and OMG, it’s already 5:30, where is my dinner woman? He’s pretty fussy through all of dinner time. I see a new bruise on his forehead and Sean tells me he fell outside. Nothing new there. I swear the boy can’t walk 5 steps without tripping over himself. I didn’t really freak out until I was cleaning him up and notice the marble sized bump on his head. UGH…so I pick him up and love on him a little. I get his PJs on and milk and we cuddle. He’s acting fine but now I’ll worry all night that he’s got a concussion! LOL

I’m not sure if I’m just overly paranoid because he’s my boy and he really wasn’t even supposed to be here, or maybe I know that while all children are miracles, he truly is one…I dunno but I freak every time the kid hurts himself, which is usually every 30 minutes or so. Sean is annoyed by it, I’m sure he thinks I’m making Jay a wus and maybe I am…but SERIOUSLY…a head injury! LOL I know, I know, I am being way too protective, hell even with Kenna I’m different (see: Are you bleeding? No. Then you’re fine.)

Anyway, I will need every sort of insurance you can get on someone. I have a feeling by the time Jay is grown and we’re not responsible for medical bills any more and he will start to pay his own, we’ll have paid enough to actually OWN the hospital!

Here’s Jay now, btw. It’s the best pic I can get of him since it’s impossible to get him to stop and let me take a pic.

I had this great blog…

1 Nov

But when I sat down to write it and add pics of Halloween and the aftermath (see: dentist office) my external hard drive went freaky on me. I can see everything but it’s now read-only, so I can’t tweak any pics and such. I have no clue what happened. Luckily it’s all backed up but I’m about to give up on the damn thing.

I will have  a post up as soon as I figure out how to fix the damn thing!

Protected: Our house…is a very very very NASTY house

25 Oct

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Guess what this is?

19 Oct

A blog post! Can you even believe it?

Well, you shouldn’t. I was going to sit and blog like a good girl but just don’t have the energy right now. In the past 2 wks we’ve moved, cleaned the hell out of a nasty house, tried to get out of the “I’m moving into a house I don’t like” funk, drove 5 hrs to my sister (yeah!), then drove another 3 hrs to scrapbook all weekend, scrapbooked all weekend, drank wine like I was in a race to see who would finish the bottle first, nursed a hangover the next day while riding 3 hrs back to Sis’ house, then woke up the next day and drove another 5 hrs back home. I’m now back in the routine of mommy-hood, cleaning house and being a housewife and you know what…I’M EXHAUSTED.

I promise a real post this week, I need to catch you up on all the goings on from the past 2 wks; the fun stuff, the not-so-fun stuff and the REALLY shitty stuff.


Something I’ve noticed

25 Sep

I’ve never been on a CT before. I just never thought I was good enough or that a designer/store would even want to use my stuff. Then I submitted a few months ago, for the first time, and was chosen. This has been such a great experience, I’ve actually been able to scrapbook again because I know I don’t want to let the SUN down. But I’m totally enjoying it too, setting time aside for ME to do something I enjoy.

Since I’ve been digi scrapping for a few years, I’ve always had some “go to” designers. Their designs, colors, embellies, etc. just work for what I usually scrapbook. But now I get to see what else is out there, working with these amazing designers at SUN. There are some truly talented people out there and I think a huge chunk of them design and sell at SUN. I’m lucky enough to get to play with their designs and maybe work with someone I never would have thought about or even seen. Two designers that I absolutely adore are Cari Cruse and Meredith Cardall. I seem to gravitate toward their kits when the new releases come out. Sometimes, it’s like they designed a kit for me (they don’t) since I can think of a perfect picture for the kit.

Be sure to check out the amazing new releases for this week, and remember it’s 30% off this weekend so get ’em now. Find your fave designer or find a new one…who do you love?

And here’s my contribution this week from Meredith Cardall’s peace.love.happiness

A fortnight

23 Sep

Wow, can you believe it’s not a scrapbook related post? LOL

Anyway, I’ve been so consumed with the move lately that I haven’t had much time to blog. Good news is that the house is on the market and the sign is in the front. I really hope it rents before we move. That way I know there’s no “lag” time and the house isn’t empty for long after we’re gone. Plus then we’ll have the money coming in to cover our mortgage/rent. It sucks keeping the house “show ready” though. The house is clean it’s just that Jay is a little tornado. So, no matter how many times a day I clean up his toys it’s always messy. Hopefully the realtor will give me enough notice to run through and pick up toys before a showing (she’s supposed to).

We found our house in the new town. It’s a cute little house. It’s supposed to be bigger than ours now but it just doesn’t seem like it. I’m sure it has to do with the layout of the house and it doesn’t have the great room we do here but it’ll do nicely for us. I will miss our living room here, our fireplace (yeah, even though we haven’t used it) and just the WOW factor you get when you walk into our house now. But the new place is quite cozy. The laundry room is massive and will not only be the laundry room but also our office and homework room too (yes, it’s HUGE).  Another bummer is our room is close to the kids, we don’t have that split floorplan so we’re not on the other side of the house. The reason this kinda sucks is obvious; I’ll have to be quiet now! HA! (Yeah yeah…my parents read the blog but I’m pretty sure they know we have sex)  I’m looking forward to the move, moving is a great way to start fresh. Get rid of all the old crap around the house, old clothes that don’t fit (did I say HELLO 14’s!) and purge it all. I hate packing but love throwing away a bunch of bullshit stuff we’ve kept for a few years. Kenna’s totally excited because she gets a new big bed. She’s been sleeping on the same mattress since we got her a big girl bed so she really needed it, and it just happened that Ma and Chris got a new bed so they have their old queen set. Jaylon just liked running through the new house when it was empty and screaming in every room because of the echo, he’s still clueless as to what’s going to happen in 2 weeks.

All the utilities have been scheduled for turn on or off, moving truck is reserved and help is coming. 2 more weeks!

September 18th new releases

18 Sep

Checkout these gorgeous new additions in the shop! They will be 30% off Saturday and Sunday!

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Remember to visit our newly reopened gallery for lots more inspiration! We’d love to see your layouts in there as well!



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