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Settling in

16 Sep

I’ve been working for over a month now. Yeah me! Things have finally settled down and I’m getting the hang of things too. I still don’t know the passwords to almost everything (and I probably won’t, they seem more guarded than Obama’s real birth certificate) and I still question myself a ton. My thinking is I’d rather ask a question before doing something wrong and having to re-do it. My days have been consisting of spreadsheets, phone calls and fixing student log ins. I’m actually ok with this since I’m a huge geek and I love a good spreadsheet. My supervisor trusts me enough to give me the original sheet and tweak it to how I see fit, which is nice.

But this week saw a change. I finally got to go out into the schools and help “teach the teachers”. I love this part of my job. I think I was a born teacher but never actually got my degree in it because teachers have to deal with paperwork, politics and state testing more than actually teaching our kids. So this is totally my calling. Yes it was frustrating, especially when someone who you think should know better doesn’t know how to even make a folder on their computer. Yes it’s frustrating, especially when I’m there to help the teacher and all she wants to do is complain about having to use a laptop (yes…someone complained about getting a mac book given to them!). Yes it’s frustrating, especially when I’m there to explain how to do something and the teacher wants me to look at their e-lesson plans and “how do I make them bigger when I print” when I’m not there for that at all. And sure, I went back to the office all snarky and bitchy. And sure, my co-workers laughed and told me “welcome to the dark side” and that I was officially past the “honeymoon phase”. And sure, I laughed right along with them because, well, because it’s true.

Even with all that, I LOVE IT! I get to go back out to the school this week and work with a couple more teachers, then at the end of the 6 weeks I get to go back to them and finish up our project. I get to see something to completion. These teachers were completely clueless and bleary-eyed at the end of August; they had no clue what we were doing and why we were changing it and what the end result would be. Now, I’ve seen light bulbs go off, I’ve actually SEEN it click in their face and eyes when they “get it”. I can’t wait to see their faces when we’re done with this portfolio and have it personalized and uploaded and it’s done for this six weeks.

I also got to play with more technology than I’ve ever seen or even knew existed. I get to play with even more soon as I’m a technology guinea pig and I get to teach more teachers how to use this great technology that we’re getting for them.

So, in a way, I am “teaching” students. I’m reaching them and hopefully making their scholastic years easier/more fun/better because I’m helping the people who shape their lives.

Alrighty, enough sap.

Since going to day care Jay has been a pain in the tushy-wushy. He’s finally been getting a little better with the fit-throwing but he still isn’t listening. I’m thinking this is more of a 3-year-old boy thing than an “acting out because mom left me in day care” thing.

Kenna…oh Kenna. She’s moody, she’s argumentative, she’s moody, she’s moody and most of the time she’s moody. That’s all there is to say about that.

I hit my half-way point goal weight this past week! Woo hooo! Then the next week I gained less than a pound. I’m afraid to say it’s a “plateau” because it’s only been one week but I’ve heard that happens when you get to about halfway. I need to shake things up if I stay the same or go up this week. Not sure how I’m going to do that just yet, but I’ll figure something out. But 40lbs since April is pretty damn good and I think I’ll hit my goal weight in March. I’m so proud of myself. This is the first time I’ve lost this much by myself. I’m doing this on my own, without some “clinic” type of place standing behind me. I’m proving to myself and my willpower that I can do it, I can do it slowly and do it right.  I’m in a size 14, a size L shirt and I even had to buy new panties because my old ones are falling off.

So, I guess you could say that the past four weeks have been pretty good for me. Not only am I gaining confidence in myself and my work but I’m losing my fat!


Holy crap, does this blog still work?

24 Jun

I mean, it’s only been a year and a half since I wrote anything. Guess that means I don’t have much of a life or a reader base anymore.

Let’s see, in the past 18 months what all has happened;
1. Stuff with kids
2. Stuff with family
3. Stuff with life

That pretty much sums that up. My kids are huge and I continuously tell my daughter to stop growing. The boy got rid of the paci and potty trained all in 6 months. I’m still a SAHM but hopefully not for too much longer. I have a job interview this week and I’d really like this job, mainly to feel like I contribute to the family and so I’m around adults again. Cross your fingers for me.

I’ve started on my weight loss journey again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, again. I KNOW! I tried to do the surgical route but my insurance decided to be assholes, so now I’m doing it the “old fashioned” way. I’ve been on the journey since early-April and I’m down 23lbs. I’m down 3 sizes and already feel better about myself. I work out 6 days a week and actually miss it if I don’t go to the gym. Which is completely 100% strange for me. My sis also now got me hooked on Zumba. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but we went together at my gym while she was visiting and I’ve been back since (2x a week). I LOVE it. I love dancing (hello, have you read my blog?) and I feel so good/sweaty/accomplished when that hour is done. If I keep up this whole “blogging” thing that I suck at, I’m sure this will turn into a weight loss blog (yeah, another).

Family is awesome. I’ve never been happier and I love where I/we are right now. We did have a loss though. In January we had to put down our baby, Hopie, the shih-tzu. She helped me get through Avery’s (our first baby) death. Putting her down due to age and illness brought back that pain and it hurt bad. I hadn’t cried like that in a long time. We had gotten a Boston Terrier the summer before, so luckily we have her to love on, but we still miss our Hopie.

Health, eh. I’m healthier than I have been, I think. But the ankles still suck. I fell on Christmas Eve and broke a bone in my ankle and got another 3rd degree sprain. The good thing, the ER was surprisingly slow on Christmas Eve and so my wait time was nil. Saw an orthopod and was in a boot. All is well now. My RSD leg still hurts. Guess it always will. Temperature changes, socks, air, touching still suck too.

Hmpf, I guess that’s all. The way I write I may not be back until January 2014 and by then I’ll weigh 140lbs. Ha!

Huge blog news!

5 Sep

I’ve been blogging since 2006 and I’ve had my own domain for over a year now. It’s finally time for…get ready for it…


Details will come on Tuesday and the giveaway will run for an entire week. There will also be a few ways to enter AND a goodie for everyone too. So, just be here on Tuesday, stalk me on Twitter, whatever it takes so you won’t miss this awesome, if I do say so myself, giveaway!

What’s new pussycat…whoa, whoa, whoa…

25 Jul

Oh yeah sing it with me…

Ok, so not really.  I just figured I haven’t blogged in a while, may as well do it tonight.

Let’s see, I finished the CK Summer Camp and had a blast. I did 5 pages, which is pretty good for me, had lots of fun and got some major positive feedback from some editors at CK! 🙂 Maybe one day they’ll publish me. Well, probably not, but let’s just go with it!

Jay is officially walking and trying to run already. From the moment he’s up he walks all around the living room (we have the other parts of the house gated off). He’s cracking me up, I forgot how funny new walkers look.

Kenna is good. I think she’s enjoying not being on the go all the time with softball and dance and everything. She misses softball more than dance, so I doubt we’ll go back into the dance studio with her. I’m ok with that, I think she wanted to dance more for me and the makeup than anything. She has softball tryouts for a select team next week.

Sean’s been busy. He’s got something coming up next week but I won’t talk about it here yet. For privacy reasons.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying ballet each week. It’s like my body, although fatter, remembers what to do. I did get a wee-bit injured last week but I’m doing fine now. I’ll keep it up just be very careful with it.  The win biz is just about kaput. I have no leads, no tastings, no interest from it. I’m bummed because I was really enjoying it. I think August will be the end of it for me. I’m down more weight but it’s a teeny bit. I thought dancing again would help shake things up but not so much. I also think my Wii may not weigh correctly, since this week it said I gained .4lbs but then I held a gallon of milk and it said I lost 3lbs…sooooo I’m thinking…no! I’ll just base my weight loss on my clothes and how they are fitting.  My 16s fit well and my 18s are now falling off. I officially showed someone at the dollar store my panties the other day. Luckily it was the dollar store, I’m sure they’re used to white trash, so it wasn’t any big deal. I did almost fall though, they seriously fell that far down! Thankfully I had on clean and pretty panties! I feel better just wish it’d hurry and come off, I’m ready to be sexy again.

Hopie…well, she just needs a bath and go to the beauty shop. I need to get her rabies up to date so I can’t take her for 2wks after her shot…humpf.

I guess that’s all.

What…huh…I have a blog?

11 Jun

Yeah, so I need to blog; especially about Hazel, Kenna’s recital, Jay standing and taking a few steps, my wine biz, etc…but you know what, I’m not feeling it. Also, that was the longest sentence with the worst punctuation ever! If you’re ever reading this Ms. M and Ms. G (high school English teachers) or Gramma (teacher for many many years!), I’m so sorry!

So, I’ll blog Monday after K’s recital, K’s softball tournament and a wine tasting. But for now, I’m going to have a glass or two wine and chill on the couch with my hubby!

That dirt eater…yeah, it’s MY son!

30 Mar

(First off…woo hoo, it’s not a diet post!)

Jaylon is a dirt eater.  Which, as bad as it sounds, is not as bad as a death eater (Harry Potter reference!).  But it is pretty nasty.  I don’t care how many times I vacuum, how many times I sweep or how many times I hand-pick stuff up off the floor he will eat it.  More often than not, thanks to big sis playing softball, it’s dirt from her cleats. 

He’ll crawl really fast to a clump and stuff it in his chubby little cheeks before I even notice it or get to him.  If I don’t notice I hear coughing and gagging in a few seconds.  It’s actually quite funny, if it weren’t so NASTY!

Today I ran to Walgreens, which btw is the devil and I could spend more money there than Target sometimes, to get Jay some food for in the morning.  I left him home with Daddy and Sissy.  As soon as I get home they have to run to softball practice so it’s a little hectic for a few seconds.  In this short period of time Jay got himself a HUNK of dirt.  We hear coughing and gagging then a little bleck sound.  So Sean and I instantly know what he got into.  I should have taken a pic before we wiped his mouth because DAMN that was some funny shit!  He had dirt all around his mouth, like he had eaten the best ice-cream on the face of the earth.  We wiped his mouth, I swept the inside of his mouth and noticed that he had some stuck in his little teeth!  Man oh man!

I brushed his teeth after that.

Also, he plays with his wee-hee too.  I know he’s a boy and “hey look, it’s a cool thingy to play with” but I didn’t think he’d start now!  He loves bathtime because it’s out there for him to fondle.  The funny thing is he usually giggles while he’s doing it. 

His future wife is going to love all these stories.  Hopefully by then all the dirt will be out of his teeth!

May or may not

24 Mar

Today May or May Not be my 31st birthday.

I May or May Not have gotten Jay out of his pj’s until it was bed time and I put him in NEW clean pj’s.

I May or May Not have had a slice of pizza for my birthday and input it into SparkPeople and realized I had tons of calories left.

I then May or May Not have eaten the smallest piece of pizza left.

I May or May Not still have calories, fat grams and protein left until I reach my minimums, thereby I May or May Not need to find something to eat again even though I May or May Not be full.

I May or May Not be copying this idea from “Not Me Monday” on Pinkknote’s blog.

I May or May not have enough energy for a real post because I May or May Not have slept well last night.

Hell yeah…2lbs!

22 Mar

Don’t you hate when you have so many things running through your head to write a blog about then when you open your blog you can’t remember a damn one?!

Yeah, that’s me!

I know I wanted to write a post about my daughter turning 8 but I feel like I need to give it more time and thought.  I also have something in me about this past weekend.  I’m also sure there’s some words floating around about someone turning 31 this week (and that person just may be me!).  I’m certain that there’s a scrapbooking post in there too!

So, let’s talk about my diet then, ok?  I cheated, a lot, this weekend.  Not even gonna lie…I had cake, candy, cake, funnel cake, cake, wine and I capped that all off with some cake.  I did try to cut back on portions and I did drink my water, so that’s the plus.  But you see, we celebrated Kenna’s birthday (and someone else’s too) and so I had to have some of her cake.  Ma made it, so it was deeeee-lish and chocolate and I couldn’t say no!  I also didn’t work out at all during the entire week.




2 lbs!

I know it’s not much when you look at the fact that I have 68 more left…but it’s a start.  And I’m pretty proud of my 2lbs dammit because I know it would have been more had I stuck to the diet better and exercised but it showed me that even just cutting out most of my sweets, snacking between meals, drinking <1 diet dp a day and greatly reducing portion size really does work for me!  There is hope!

Oh and don’t let me forget to tell you about my Big Ass Cake!

Spring break and St. Pats!

17 Mar

This one will be a quickie folks!  I am blogging while the J-man is snoozing!

Anyway, this is spring break for Kenna so we came to visit my Mammy in the panhandle.  We’ve been enjoying each other’s company and just having fun.  Sean is still at home but will fly up tomorrow to spend the rest of the week with us.  I miss him!

I love seeing my kids with their NaNa.  And I always wish I had the patience she does with them.  Kenna’s been playing with Zoe so much that I’m not sure who’s having more fun, her or the dog?!  Jaylon has been army crawling everywhere and is finally starting to crawl for real.  He only takes a few “steps” then falls and stars army crawling like he usually does but hey, it’s a start.

I enjoy spending so much time with Ma.  She and I, like I’ve said before, are more like friends than mother/daughter.  We have so much fun together.  That’s been the hard part about being so far away, is not being able to just run to Mom’s house.  Oh well.

Kenna’s 8th b-day was this Sunday and we spent it in the car!  Poor girl.  We did go out to dinner Saturday and I’ll have a whole post about that and her turning 8 soon.

St. Patrick’s Day is a huge day for us.  See, I’m from Shamrock, TX.  So you can understand why it’s a big deal, right?  We go to the celebration every year (except for last since I was HUGE preggo with Jay) and the family all comes and invades my Gramma’s house, who still lives in Shamrock.  There’s a parade, carnival and yummy goodies.  It’s so much fun and I cannot wait for it to begin this weekend.  Unfortunately it’s supposed to be in the 30s and snow! Grrr!

My diet is still going well.  I’m drinking my water and cutting back on portions.  I’m trying to stay away from the sweets but it is difficult here at my mom’s house.  She bakes all the damn time!  But I’ve been ok…I have had a few bites of cake of some goodies but much better than I normally do!

So, more blogging to come after this weeks festivities!  Happy St. Pat’s to you all! 🙂

Wow, where do I begin?

10 Mar

I mean, I’ve been MIA and I have no idea where to even begin on the update!  So, let’s see…

~ My ma and Chris came down for the weekend.  Chris had a bunch of meetings so we didn’t get to see him too much, unfortunately.  But we did get to spend Saturday with my ma.  We always have fun together, I don’t think it matters what we do or where we go.  We did get to baby sit their puppy, Zoe.  Chris and I went in together and got ZoeZoe for Ma for Christmas.  Boy is she a handful.  She’s spoiled and beyond cute.  Luckily she slept really well for us, better than Jay actually.  Kenna already misses her but honestly watching her is harder than watching a kid!

~ Kenna’s birthday is coming up.  It’s strange because we always have a party for her.  Hell, last year we took most of the family (the ones that could be here) to Sea World for the day.  This year her party will have to wait.  Because of spring break, St. Patrick’s weekend and a friend’s birthday she decided to have her sleepover in April.  Such a big girl to understand that things come up and come up with a compromise.

~ St. Patrick’s weekend.  I’m from a teeny-tiny town in the panhandle.  This town celebrates St. Pats…with a parade, carnival and all kinds of fun stuff.  Every year we go there and enjoy all that St. Pat’s has to offer.  Tons of my family comes and it’s like a mini family reunion.  We didn’t go last year because I was, oh, 32 weeks pregnant and no one wanted me to travel 8 hrs.  So, I’m ready to par-tay next weekend!

~ Jay rode in a big boy swing for the first time last night.  We were at Kenna’s softball practice and he started getting fussy.  So I took him over to the park and stuck him in the swing.  He giggled and smiled and giggled some more.  When he’d stop swinging he’d kick his legs and get fussy and it was hard getting him out!

~ I’ve been applying to every company I can think of in San Antonio.  Some positions I’m totally qualified for, some not completely.  I seriously have applied to 8 companies that I can think of, I know it’s more than that though!  I have two reasons why I’m not getting a call back (other than the economy and unemployment so everyone’s looking for a job)…1)I have no college degree. I’ve got over 100 hrs toward my BS but I don’t have the money to go back. 2)My work comp claim. I never thought of that until my dad said that some companies bay attention to that. UGH!

~ I have a large post about my weight in my head. I would add it to this but I think it deserves a post of its own.

Anywho, there you have some of the update.  I dunno if you’ll get the weight post tomorrow since it’s softball practice AND Grey’s and Private Practice night!  Thursday’s are a big night for me! LOL