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Yeah, that was me. Pt. 2

25 Jun

Years ago I wrote a post that kind of made me giggle when I went back to re-read it today. I like it because it is just SO ME. You can read it here: http://thefourpates.com/2010/09/09/yeah-that-was-me/. So, I decided to do a part two today, just to get back into the blogging swing of things (and because my Ma commented that she missed me blogging (I mean, how sweet is that woman?)). Without further ado, Yeah that was me Pt. 2:

So, yeah that lady sweating profusely and turning red while Zumba’ing, that was probably me.

I was also probably that lady on the stationary bike who forgot to brush her teeth before hitting the gym at 5:30am, sue me…I’m barely awake.

Oh and the fatty in front of the fan during Zumba who accidentally tooted…yeah, that’d be me too. Just be happy I didn’t eat a bunch of eggs for my protein that day.

I’m probably also to blame for farting on the elliptical too…whoops. But everyone had in ear buds listening to music and it didn’t smell, so there’s that.

And let’s not forget that annoying sweaty lady working out her pecs who kept forgetting she wasn’t alone and had in ear buds singing a couple lines from a song, nope let’s not forget about her (cough…me).

So, yeah, that was all me but I’m also the sweatty, farty, singing lady who’s lost 23 lbs! Suck on that!


A quick Kenna funny

16 Dec

We were sitting on our front porch last night waiting for the night-time Christmas parade they have here (it's like 4 cars, don't get too excited!).  Kenna was waiting not so patiently for Santa to come by on the fire dept. truck when she spots a bug…a BUG! She hates bugs and tells me we have to go quickly before it "bits" us.  Meanwhile the teeeeeny bug, which I can hardly see, is about 3 feet from us!  I doubt we're in danger of getting bit.  So, I tell her to go squish it, she's a big girl. She runs over to it all read to "squeesh" the bug when she replys "momma I just can't, it's a holy moly"!

LMAO!  I guess "holy moly's" are OK with her. 

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