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Holy crap, does this blog still work?

24 Jun

I mean, it’s only been a year and a half since I wrote anything. Guess that means I don’t have much of a life or a reader base anymore.

Let’s see, in the past 18 months what all has happened;
1. Stuff with kids
2. Stuff with family
3. Stuff with life

That pretty much sums that up. My kids are huge and I continuously tell my daughter to stop growing. The boy got rid of the paci and potty trained all in 6 months. I’m still a SAHM but hopefully not for too much longer. I have a job interview this week and I’d really like this job, mainly to feel like I contribute to the family and so I’m around adults again. Cross your fingers for me.

I’ve started on my weight loss journey again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, again. I KNOW! I tried to do the surgical route but my insurance decided to be assholes, so now I’m doing it the “old fashioned” way. I’ve been on the journey since early-April and I’m down 23lbs. I’m down 3 sizes and already feel better about myself. I work out 6 days a week and actually miss it if I don’t go to the gym. Which is completely 100% strange for me. My sis also now got me hooked on Zumba. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but we went together at my gym while she was visiting and I’ve been back since (2x a week). I LOVE it. I love dancing (hello, have you read my blog?) and I feel so good/sweaty/accomplished when that hour is done. If I keep up this whole “blogging” thing that I suck at, I’m sure this will turn into a weight loss blog (yeah, another).

Family is awesome. I’ve never been happier and I love where I/we are right now. We did have a loss though. In January we had to put down our baby, Hopie, the shih-tzu. She helped me get through Avery’s (our first baby) death. Putting her down due to age and illness brought back that pain and it hurt bad. I hadn’t cried like that in a long time. We had gotten a Boston Terrier the summer before, so luckily we have her to love on, but we still miss our Hopie.

Health, eh. I’m healthier than I have been, I think. But the ankles still suck. I fell on Christmas Eve and broke a bone in my ankle and got another 3rd degree sprain. The good thing, the ER was surprisingly slow on Christmas Eve and so my wait time was nil. Saw an orthopod and was in a boot. All is well now. My RSD leg still hurts. Guess it always will. Temperature changes, socks, air, touching still suck too.

Hmpf, I guess that’s all. The way I write I may not be back until January 2014 and by then I’ll weigh 140lbs. Ha!


A friend

3 Jan

I have a friend whom I met almost 10 years ago, yet I’ve only ever seen her in person two times. We met on an online message board about pregnancy and infant loss. I was mourning the loss of Avery and wasn’t sure where to turn or what to do or how to think or…well, you get the idea, I was lost. In some sick way it was a comfort reading about these other ladies that were going through something similar to what I was, see; I wasn’t the only one dealing with this.

I’m not sure what made me read her story but I felt a blow to my gut when I read her story. Her full term son was born with an umbilical cord issue (I won’t even try to explain it), he lived for a few days and died in his mother’s arms. I felt so sorry for her that she and her hubby had to decide to disconnect life support for their son. I felt that she was going through something so much worse than I was. I sat and wondered what would be easier; a stillborn whom you never get to see alive or a full term baby who is a live for days (weeks, months) and you have to decide when the “right” time to say goodbye is.

The first time we met we sat up drinking, laughing and bawling by a hotel pool. We had this instant connection, something all the other mommy’s there with us couldn’t understand. I told her how I felt, how awful I felt for her. We hugged and cried and laughed and drank some more. She told me later something that I’ll never forget;

It does not matter how long you know your child; if you see them breathing, if they talk to you or if you feel them in your womb, they are still your child and it still hurts like hell when they leave.

So true.

So, here’s to Corbyn, my friend’s baby boy. He would be 10 years old today. You’ve touched more lives than you know and I thank you. Now, enjoy your birthday cake with Avery and Jackson for me.

A fortnight

23 Sep

Wow, can you believe it’s not a scrapbook related post? LOL

Anyway, I’ve been so consumed with the move lately that I haven’t had much time to blog. Good news is that the house is on the market and the sign is in the front. I really hope it rents before we move. That way I know there’s no “lag” time and the house isn’t empty for long after we’re gone. Plus then we’ll have the money coming in to cover our mortgage/rent. It sucks keeping the house “show ready” though. The house is clean it’s just that Jay is a little tornado. So, no matter how many times a day I clean up his toys it’s always messy. Hopefully the realtor will give me enough notice to run through and pick up toys before a showing (she’s supposed to).

We found our house in the new town. It’s a cute little house. It’s supposed to be bigger than ours now but it just doesn’t seem like it. I’m sure it has to do with the layout of the house and it doesn’t have the great room we do here but it’ll do nicely for us. I will miss our living room here, our fireplace (yeah, even though we haven’t used it) and just the WOW factor you get when you walk into our house now. But the new place is quite cozy. The laundry room is massive and will not only be the laundry room but also our office and homework room too (yes, it’s HUGE).  Another bummer is our room is close to the kids, we don’t have that split floorplan so we’re not on the other side of the house. The reason this kinda sucks is obvious; I’ll have to be quiet now! HA! (Yeah yeah…my parents read the blog but I’m pretty sure they know we have sex)  I’m looking forward to the move, moving is a great way to start fresh. Get rid of all the old crap around the house, old clothes that don’t fit (did I say HELLO 14’s!) and purge it all. I hate packing but love throwing away a bunch of bullshit stuff we’ve kept for a few years. Kenna’s totally excited because she gets a new big bed. She’s been sleeping on the same mattress since we got her a big girl bed so she really needed it, and it just happened that Ma and Chris got a new bed so they have their old queen set. Jaylon just liked running through the new house when it was empty and screaming in every room because of the echo, he’s still clueless as to what’s going to happen in 2 weeks.

All the utilities have been scheduled for turn on or off, moving truck is reserved and help is coming. 2 more weeks!

Yeah, that was me!

9 Sep

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So yeah, that was me at the Wal-Marts in the shirt I wore to bed last night.

Yeah, that was me with the greasy pony tail’d hair that hasn’t been washed since yesterday.

Oh and that was me who kept pulling my panties out of my tush because of the gigantic queen sized matress pad I am wearing today (thanks Auntie Flo).

And you can guarantee that that was me giving gift-giving advice to a woman in the toy isle while MY kid was screaming and had green snot running down his face.

That lady wandering around the Wal-Marts for 4o minutes (because her son’s prescription for a double-ear infection was being filled) talking on the phone about 2 month expired ham…sure that was me too.

If you saw me and didn’t say hi…I don’t blame you. But ya know what? At least I brushed my teeth and put on a bra, thankyouverymuch!

Overheard at the Pate casa

30 Jul

Having 2 kids, a dog and a husband, you overhear a lot of strange things in our house. It’s funny really, somethings I never thought I’d say come flying from my mouth pretty much every day.

  • Be nice to your wee-hee
  • Stop throwing shoes at your brother
  • You stink, time to clean your tushie-wushie
  • Do NOT eat that
  • Oh, God, please tell me that’s dirt
  • I smell shit, honey, sniff his tush
  • Dude, the blob that the spoon made looks exactly like Shakespeare

I’ve added a pic of Shakespeare. OH and no worries, I’ve washed the stove since taking this pic! HA!

Yeah, you just never know what you’re going to hear here!

I’m walkin

18 Jun

Well, he’s not really walking just yet.  He’s close and he’s loving walking behind a toy that Aunt Shell got him for Christmas. And so what if I was bored and feeling “crafty” the other night, this is what happens when I do (turn on your speakers, yo!):


And again, because WP is mean and won’t let us upload a video without paying an arm and a leg, you gotta go to Flickr and watch it there. Enjoy, watch it a few times, laugh because I do when I watch…I’m not sure if it’s the fact that he’s so proud of himself or it’s the music I chose but it just makes me giggle!

Where the hell?!

20 May

Ok, seriously…where did the past 10 years go?

I mean, ten years ago I was in Amarillo getting my hair did, ten years ago I was wondering around in a small town museum getting my make up on, ten years ago I was handed my Great-Gramma’s handkerchief,  ten years ago I was getting a heavier-than-it-looked white dress on, ten years ago I was kissing my dad’s bald head as he put a blue garter on my leg, ten years ago I started to freak out a little and had to sit down because I was hot (even though I was the only one sweating), and ten years ago I was walking down the aisle with my Mom by my side toward the most handsome man I know.

10 years = too many kisses and hugs to count = too many tears to want to count = 6 pregnancies = 4 births = 2 baby funerals = 2 healthy kids = too many moves to count = quite a few arguments = quite a few reasons for make-up sex = 3 mattress sets (HA!) = the most wonderful/trying/happy/wouldn’t-change-a-thing years of my life.

It’s amazing to look back on this past decade and see where we were, what we’ve been through and where we are now. Some days I think that 21 was so young to be married but then again why does it matter?  I knew I loved this man from our first date (a blind date at that!).  I wish I had that email I sent my mom after our date.  I’m sure she could tell by that short few sentence rambling that her daughter was head-over-heels.  I’ll never forget the proposal just 3 months from that email. He wanted it to be more special but it had been raining so going to the scenic canyon in our college town was out of the question, plus I had a heart monitor on and was feeling sorry for myself.  He didn’t know that no matter where he asked it would be special.  It was hard chosing the date we would get married.  I wanted it in May but that month for our families was difficult.  Sean’s dad had passed away in May and my step-sister had been killed in a car accident that month too.  Figuring out a date on a Saturday in May that wouldn’t always have negative thoughts was hard.  We managed to do so and the planning began.

In May 2000 we had a totally unconventional yet fun wedding.  We were outside by the museum in my small hometown, we stood in front of the old building that said “Justice of the Peace” which was fitting since we had a JP marry us!  My bridesmaids were barefoot…the poor girls I’m sure that was uncomfy.  I wore white tennis shoes that had been painted before at our rehearsal. I wore lavender ruffled socks even! After our short ceremony we partied at my grandparent’s house, which was also the house I lived in during high school. It was perfect…perfect for us.  Hell, we had a keg, which by the way, my mom stood by with her cigar and got schnockered!  Good times…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our honeymoon followed, we went to Cancun and had a blast. We played mini golf at our resort with gigantic lizards! I got sunburned pretty badly so that made sex interesting! LOL…(sorry Dad…I’m sure you didn’t want to hear that). The shitty part about the trip was our flight was messed up on the way home and we were stranded in the Mexican airport for a VERY long time.  Sean slept on the floor, I, however, couldn’t sleep because I was afraid I’d be stolen and sold for sex or some shit like that.  But we made it back home and began our crazy life together.

All this rambling is just that; rambling.  Smiling and laughing as I write this because I remember everything about those days.  Luckily the laughter hasn’t gone away.  Yes there’s more grey hair, my boobs sag to my waist, I have stretch marks that weren’t there 10 years ago, I also have 70lbs that wasn’t there in 2000 but there is more laughter, more kisses and more love than a decade ago.

Here’s to the next 10 years and the next and the next…

Tap, tap, tap…anyone here?

14 May

Ok, should I be upset that even though I haven’t posted in how long again…my stats are actually better?! LMAO!  That shit ain’t right.

Well, by request of Pinkknotes I’m blogging for the first time in sooooooo long!  Damn I love that gal and the funny thing is I’ve never met her! She started with a simple blog comment and our relationships has blossomed into a freaky-kinky-love-fest!  Ha! You really should follow both of us on twitter and you’ll see how we talk about sex toys and awesome things that begin with “p” and end with “enis” and having a threesome.  Oh yeah…we’re freaky like that! (BTW, the threesome was for photography lessons, not sex but the other stuff was totally sexually related!).

Oh yeah, my blog post…well I have a new “job”.  I use the term loosely because at this point it so does not feel like a job.  I’m now an Independent Wine Consultant! It’s rockin’ because I basically take wine to my host’s house and bring the wine country to them!  I get to meet other people in my area, get to get away from my kids (yes I just said that) and I get to make some money in the mean time.  Not to mention that I also get wine and I HAVE to drink it as a part of my “research” and it’s tax-deductible! HA!  I mean, seriously, it doesn’t get any better!  If you haven’t looked head to HeyWineLady.com and see what I can offer you.  Now the bad part is we can only ship to certain states, so be sure we can ship to you before you order.  I can come to your home and have a tasting if you live in the San Antonio/Austin/Houston area.  I’m even going to have a tasting in the Amarillo area for my mom (and all her Catholic friends, you know how they like wine!…and yes I just said that too).  I think I’ll make a few hundred every month until I get going and then the chance to make even more is there too.  Not too bad really, especially for something that I enjoy and I don’t need to have a sitter!  By the way we also have a wine club (who doesn’t like wine delivered to their door every month), personalized wine labels and gift baskets!  Seriously, check it outNOW!

I had to get a new computer (YEAH!).  My old one died like I’ve never seen a computer die before.  So we bit the bullet and purchased a new one…I want to sleep with it and sniff the yummy electronic smell.  Yeah, yeah, yeah…you know new electronics smell good! I love it…it’s so fast and shiny and it doesn’t ever “not respond”!  Ooohhh…what did I ever do before.

I’d hate to overwhelm y’all with a crazy long post after being gone for so long so I’ll leave y’all wanting more!  Oooh, wait…as of today I’m down 15.5lbs!  It’s coming off way slower than I want and at the pace I’m on now I’ll hit my goal by this time next year!  But I do have arm muscles…not just flab that just waves when I do.  I still haven’t found my abs, they’re under a layer of fat still hanging on but I have found a HUGE lump of scar tissue from my c-section that hurts but that’s for another blog post! HA!

Arg, there be a pirate party!

20 Apr

Man oh man, was this weekend a great one!? 

Jaylon’s first birthday party was on Saturday at his Gramma’s house.  It was wonderful! 

The weekend kicked off on Friday, sitting on the back porch with family, a few glasses of wine and grilled out hamburgers.  Laughter, talking, gossip, laughter, catching up on family, and did I mention laughter and wine?  It was such a beautiful evening and a perfect Friday night if you ask me.  Jay didn’t go to sleep until 10-ish then we drove to my mother-in-law’s house where he was finally put in bed and asleep for good at 11:30.  He usually goes to bed at 6, so yeah, cranky butt!

Saturday was spent getting ready for the party.  My mom is the most amazing person ever and my stepdad, well, he’s just as amazing.  They came over and took a good 3 hrs or so putting the cakes together.  These cakes….AWE-SOME! But we’ll get to those in a minute.  The party began at 4 and we gave Jay his smashable cake.  He just looked at it.  We sang “Happy Birthday” to him (and as a side-note, I didn’t even cry, thankyouverymuch!) and he almost broke his neck to turn around to see what all the fuss was about!

Mom had to show him what to do with the cake and he just picked at it.  Finally got a little piece of chocolate icing and ate it right up.  He never took a hunk out of the cake or even smashed it…just kept picking at it eating little flecks of icing.  He is not my child!

Ma finally gave him a hunk of it and he grabbed it and put it all in his mouth.  I’m still not sure how he didn’t choke but he managed to get it all down.  We did take his shirt off him before the cake and I’m glad we did.  He rubbed the icing all over his belly…it was cute!

We had to leave after the cake since my Sis and brother-in-law had to leave.  We ate dinner and came back to the house to open presents.  The boy racked up and is still enjoying all the new toys.  He’s not sure what to play with first and just crawls from all the goodies.

Even with the lack of sleep he had that day he was such a good baby.  He was happy, he enjoyed playing with all the cousins and Kenna enjoyed helping open the presents!

Now, let’s discuss these cakes.  The first one, the smashable one, was a treasure chest; complete with jewels, coins and gold!  Talk about adorable and perfect for his individual cake!

Ahem…THE cake.  I am always in awe of my mom’s abilities especially when it comes to making cakes.  She’s made cakes since I can remember, only doing them for friends and family. She always says that you couldn’t pay her enough to make them professionally but she so could do it!  This cake was the pirate ship complete with the Captain and his crew.  She even made a damn parrot, people!  Each pirate was moulded after the cousins.  Jay was the Captain then you’ll see my nephew, Brett; Kenna; my nephew, Braden; and my niece, Breanna.  The wood on the ship looked like wood.  The sails were amazing, she even downloaded font that looked “pirate-ish” to write Happy Birthday on it.  And there’s even a freakin’ shark in the water!

I can’t believe that my baby’s 1st birthday party was this weekend with his big day tomorrow.  I’ll write about his actual birthday tomorrow…and cry, so I’ll be sure to have tissues by the computer!  Until then, enjoy the pics!

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My “Big Ass Cake” story!

8 Apr

Oooh how I know you’ve been longing to hear this!

Let’s see, where do I begin?  Way back in the day, say 1994, we (myself, my mom and my stepdad) moved to a little town in the panhandle.  We moved in with my Gramma and Grandpa.  It was actually fun living like that.  Sure being in a teeny-tiny town AND living with 4 adults was less than ideal for a teenager trying to get away with shit but it was pretty damn cool.  I got to spend time with my grandparents that I may not have before, I got to know them more than just grandparents.  It’s time that I will always treasure especially now that my grandpa is gone.  Don’t let me forget to tell you the time that I was stood up for the Prom (my boyfriend couldn’t be bothered to leave the golf course!) and so my Grandpa took me!

But back to the cake story…

During these high school years my mom and stepdad always seemed to have conferences during my birthday. It’s just how they fell and they didn’t really vary from year to year.  So I found myself without them there for a few bday celebrations.  This also means that I never got a kick ass cake from my mother.  I’ll have to post some when I can get my hands on some pics.  She’s amazing.  We tell her she should make them for a living but she always says that no one could pay her enough to do it.  She’s doing Jay’s first bday pirate ship cake…oh yeah! 

I always had to make my own cake and they weren’t pretty.  Tear open a box and bake, crack open the canned frosting and Waaaaaa-lah a cake!

Now  that you have the back story here’s where it gets really damn funny.

My sis and I LOVE LOVE LOVE CakeWrecks.  I cannot remember who told whom to “go to this site it’s frickin’ hilarious” but since that happened we both read it every day.  Hell, sis even got me the Cake Wrecks book.  If you’ve never been to the site you have to visit.  It’s just funny and the writing makes it bite…oh it makes me cry with laughter most days.

Early last month there was an awesome (as usual) post on Cake Wrecks.  Sis and I had to talk on the phone about it and I said in passing “OMG, I so want that Big Ass cake for my birthday”.  See…I say big ass whatever all the time.  Example, “that’s a big ass cookie”, “I want a big ass coke” and “oh look, a big ass douche bag”.  You get the idea.

After we hung up a few weeks went by and I didn’t even think much about it anymore.  We went to visit my mom for St. Pat’s Day and Spring Break but something made me think of Cake Wrecks and I brought up the site and had to show mom the funniest “big ass cake” ever!

Little did I know that weekend I would be getting my own big ass cake!

We were standing around in Gramma’s kitchen, the same kitchen I used to make my pitiful birthday cakes 13-ish years ago.  We had just finished a lunch and we all gather in the kitchen at my gramma’s for some reason.  All just chatting and laughing and bullshitting, good times.  I was taking a drink or stuffing my face or something and I hear “I want some cake” from someone.  I look over and see this:


You can’t see the cake too well but no one thought about taking a pic of it by itself.  Yes…it says “Big Ass Cake” on it and mom even “wrecked” it by making the writing look fugly.

I couldn’t believe that my sis would tell mom something I said in passing, although that’s how my family is, I should have known!  Mom was swamped with cakes when she made this one; a HUGE 1st bday cake for my twin niece and nephew, this cake, then when Kenna and I get there we ask her to do a small cake for Kenna’s birthday too.  But she did it all, with a smile on her face.

It’s amazing how much that made my day/birthday.  I don’t get birthday hoopla anymore, hell, I’m over 30.  But Kenna’s bday is 10 days before mine and now Jay’s is the next month.  I’d much rather celebrate their’s than mine and the fact that Michelle and Mom went out of their way to make MY day special too…well, that just makes me teary-eyed…those bitches!