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My first week – recap

19 Aug

Well, I made it through my first week back to work. It was nice going back, it’s nice being around adults again, although I miss my kids terribly during the day. I knew I’d miss them but it’s harder than I remember it used to be. Kenna is doing so well being at home (school starts in a week for her) and has been doing the chores on her list. Jay is doing pretty good; he did cry one day this week and said he didn’t want to go to “school” aka daycare. But he bounced right back.

I feel like I’m accomplishing something. Yes I cleaned house and cooked while at home but I never felt like I “contributed” to my family. I know that sounds strange. But it all comes down to money, I guess. I kept the house running with cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. but that didn’t add any zeros to the bank account. Now I do that and feel like I’m doing something for them that I couldn’t do before. I feel there’s a little more “equality” with Sean and myself. Now, I’ll never make as much as he does, but that fact that we’re both adding money to the account is nice.

So, onto what I did this week. I embarrassed myself and still do daily. Lemme explain.  I set up the voicemail system for new employees or those that have moved offices/jobs/departments. All this entails is clearing out old voicemail messages, changing their phone display and helping set up new voicemail. Easy, right? Well, when I was doing my own on Monday I set up a system-wide “important announcement” that everyone in the district will hear (at least once). It’s my outgoing message. I mean…everyone, including the superintendent and office staff. UGH, we all had a good laugh and no one really seemed to mind but it was embarrassing nonetheless. Mainly I just learned my computer (it’s a Mac and I’m a windows gal at home), started setting up aforementioned voicemail, went to each school in the district a few times, had new employee training and helped my boss with that. At the end of the week the real “work” started and I had to put in every student from 7-12th grade into the computer. It took me a day and a half, which I thought was excessive but my boss and the other guy in the office (who I guess is my boss too but not my direct supervisor?) were thrilled with how quickly I did it. So, yeah me!

There’s a lady in the main central office who was having a few issues and I helped her through them. She told me that I was the right person for my position and she thanked me profusely. She made me cry. In a happy, “OMG, I’m doing something right” way. It just meant so much to me that she took the time out of her crazy schedule to let me know how much I was appreciated and that I was doing good. It felt nice.

I have one more week of getting used to before school starts and it gets a little crazy. I’ll have to re-figure my schedule once I gotta get Kenna up and deal with another person in our one bathroom. And my knee is feeling better so I’m headed back to the gym this week too. Hopefully I won’t lose my mind as I’m trying to come up with a schedule that works for us while trying to learn my new job.

On the diet front, I apparently needed to go to work to jump-start my weight loss. I’ve been losing about 1lb a week for a while now. I’m not complaining because YEAH! a pound a week is good. But this week I lost 3lbs. Not sure why really. I’m not eating an afternoon snack because I’m at work and I haven’t been working out because of the knee. I have been walking at work as much as I can instead of driving to the nearest school. But even then I’m just sitting at a desk for the most part. But, I’m not going to complain! I’m now down 34lbs since early April. Not too bad, I’m right on track to hitting my goal in March/April of next year. I can fit into 14s comfortably and some 12s, depending on the brand. Heck, even last month when getting work clothes I was in a 16 and squeezing into a 14. Not too shabby!

So there’s my update. I don’t know much at work still so I feel a little helpless since I can’t help people like I want but I’m apparently doing a good job. I love the people I work with; they’re super nice, easy to talk with and feel comfortable with and are jokesters. I’m ready to learn more and make them proud.


Lookie who’s blogging!

14 Aug

Excuses, excuses, I know. But I seriously have had lots of stuff going on the past few weeks. First thing is the kids and I have been on a nice little vacay visiting my family in the TX panhandle and in OK. It’s nice, I don’t get to see everyone too often because we’re just too far away. So this trip we’re totally making it count. We’ll be gone for 14 days total and have plenty of time to visit all the people we can. Sure the driving sucks, and Jay’s sleeping has been outta whack but I really don’t care.

I’m at my Sis’ house now and totally enjoying our time together and all the kids are having a blast. See, we had babies like stair steps…the ages we have right now are 1, 5, 6, 8 and 15.  We’ve gone swimming and bowling, they’ve made “dirt cups”, they’ve played their Nintendo DS games and I’m sure there’s been a few fights. But it really is nice that they’re all so close in age, they entertain each other.  Now, the 15 year old entertains me. He’s a hoot. Yes, he’s a teenager and can be an ass sometimes but he’s honestly a good kid. We have this ritual where we watch stupid scary movies and either laugh or make fun of them together.  What 15 year old boy wants to hang out with his Aunt and Mom? Yeah…great kid.

AND with all this traveling I’ve been chatting with Sean a lot lately.  See, he’s got lots going too and it’s going to change our lives in the next few months. He got a new job in a wonderful town in East TX. He had nothing but great things to say about it when he went there for the interview and I can’t wait to see it for myself.  It’s a great move for him and we’re really excited to see what it’ll bring for our family.  Kenna is happy about new friends, I’m happy because the school’s dress code is almost the same as her current one. Jay is too young to care but I’m sure he’s happy too! HA! We’ll be moving early October, great time honestly…not too hot but not too cold and rainy. I’ve only driven through that part of Texas once and it was beautiful, I cannot wait to call it home for a long while! Oooh and another awesome part, we’ll finally be closer to family again! I’ll be about 4.5 hrs from my Sissy and Daddio and about 7 hrs from my Ma. I’m totally stoked.

See, we’ve been crazy busy and running around all over Texas and Oklahoma AND my hubby’s been busy changing jobs. I’ll post some pics of our little vacay soon. Wish us luck with the insane-ness!

Pack up your shit and move!

31 Jan

Well, if you aren't aware, which many I'm sure are not, Sean got a new job.  I can now speak freely of it since I wasn't sure who in the world read this thing and I couldn't blab about it incase one of his bosses stumbled on it.  So, today is the big day.  One meeting to accept his resignation another meeting a few hours later to accept his contract…what a fun day for him.  These past two weeks have been excitement around the house, which heated up last week when trying to find a house.  Should we rent, should we buy, where should we live, how much to spend and if someone tells me that buying a house is an "investment, Melanie" then I will shoot them!


We finally decided to rent.  Yes…go ahead and insert the usual "but you're pissing away your money" or "you could deduct stuff from the house" or "buying is an investment, Melanie".  I've heard it all but with moving in less than 30 days and the added stress of buying and closing on a house would just be too unbearable!  So, we're RENTING…end of discussion!


Looks like we're moving from this adorable house that I LOVE.  It's a little small, but in such good shape, huge back yard and let's face it, it's cute.  Looking for a house in a bigger city is quite a culture shock.  They are expensive and not in that great of shape…until you get into over $1000 rent, which we won't do for various reasons.  So, the place that we found is nice, bigger but does need work.  Work that I'm not sure I want to do on a rental house, but we'll see…maybe some minor fixes will be enough. And the crappy thing is we now have to buy a fridge.  Man, those things are expensive.  Oh well.  Something new and fun to buy right?


Wish us well! LOL  I'll keep you all abreast with pics of the house, the move and everything else!

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